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Karel Janovický (1930) - Biography

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Karel Janovický was born on February 18, 1930, in Plzeň, where in the 1940s he attended a school that was ran by the teaching institute. After the war, he became a member of a Boy-Scout troop. In 1946, he camped on the Střela River and between the years 1947 and 1948 near Myslív, on the Myslív Pond in the region of Nepomuk. In 1949, he signed up for the Academy of Music but was refused for political reasons. In October 1949, he emigrated with his future wife Sylva Maiwaldová, crossing the Bohemian Forest (Šumava) into Germany and then Great Britain. They were for a short time located in German refugee camps. In 1962, he began working at the BBC and since 1980 he was the head of the Czechoslovak editorial board. He retire in 1990 and still lives in London.

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