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Maria Anielski - Kołpa (1930) - Biography

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They took my last doll I was 12 - 13 years old, but this doll could call Mum and she was closing her eyes That was the biggest loss for me

She was born in 1930 in Unieszewie (Schönfeld) near Olsztyn (Allenstein), where she spent her childhood as well. Her father worked at the post office, her mother was a housewife. Maria Anielski attended the female high school in Olsztyn. Her two older brothers served in the Wehrmacht, and both died on the Eastern Front. The family decided to escape from Unieszewie before the entrance of the Red Army but unfortunately the streets were filled with the refugees at that day so they were forced to return home. In the spring of 1945 Maria Anielski and her parents left their house (that originally belonged to the post office) and moved to the apartment in Olsztyn. Maria Angelic worked as a maid for a polish family. She learned polish in 1947 at the Ludowy University near Morąg (Mohrungen), where she completed her repolonization course. After that she took up a physical job. With the help of Wladyslaw Gębika, the teacher writer, and long-term prisoner of the Mauthausen-Gusen camp, she finished her evening classes and passed the high school diploma. Afterwards she graduated from Pharmacy in Poznań. In 1957 she returned to Olsztyn where she worked as a pharmacist. She retired when she was 70. She got married in 1960 to a Pole and gave birth to a son. Most of Maria's family stayed and lived in Warmia.
Maria Anielska works voluntary in the Catholic community of German minority and sells the German church newspaper "Ermländer Briefe" (Warmia Letters). She still lives in Olsztyn.

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