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Jiří Švec (1929 - 2009) - Biography

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When I appeared in the folk costume in the factory, it resulted in great upheaval


Brother Jiří Švec was born in August 23, 1929. According to his words, he originated in a very poor family. Until he was nine years old, he lived on the very periphery of the city of Hlinsko. Only after his family moved closer to the city center, he learned about the existence of the Scout and became a member of the cub Scouts in Hlinsko. His troop was led by the teacher and poet Stanislav Zedníček. Jiří Švec later worked in the textile industry which has a very long tradition in Hlinsko. He was the chief planning officer in the Kara factory. In his youth, he was a member of the social democracy. In the Scout hierarchy, he held various positions, ranging from the deputy troop leader to the deputy president of the district council of the Scout. For his selfless and relentless work for the Scout, he received several Scout decorations. In 1996, he received the Medal of acknowledgement and two years later the Syrinx award. In 2003, he received the distinction of the Silver River. Jiří Švec passed away on June 5, 2009. Together with his wife Růžena, they had two sons and six grandsons.

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