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Eva Krupičková (1927) - Biography

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Revenge wouldn't bring my parents or the other innocent victims back to life and the rest no longer matters.


Mrs. Eva Krupičková was born on January 1, 1927, in Uzhhorod as the last offspring (out of six siblings) in the Wolf family. Her oldest brother died before the war, two of her sisters and one brother fled at the last moment to England. In 1944, Eva, her parents and her youngest brother were taken to Auschwitz. Her parents were sent to the gas chambers and the children were sent to a forced labor camp. After six weeks in the camp, Eva was deported to Gelsenkirchen to help with clear debris in the bombed refinery, Gelsenberg. After the refinery was destroyed for good, she was taken to an underground factory in Sömmerda near Erfurt. In April 1945, she was sent on a death march that lasted for a month. The march came to an end in Srní close to Carlsbad – only 175 prisoners survived the horrors of the march. After the war, she reunited with all of her siblings, got married and she now has a daughter and a grandson.


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