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Marie Hana Fejfarová (1911 - 2017) - Biography

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That's life - c'est la vie.

Marie Fejfarová, née Hančová, was born in 1911 in Boseň in the Bohemian Paradise into teachers´ family. She studied mathematics and natural science at the Faculty of Natural Science in Prague and later also physical education, which she was very keen on practising. As an instructor she attended the state residential camps in Třebon, where she met her future husband Zdeněk Fejfar, who was a student of medicine then. He later became a well-known world cardiologist. They spent the war in a family villa in Hanspaulka, where the gestapo visited them several times due to some activities of her husband´s parents. Later they moved Germans into the villa. In 1947 the doctor Zdeňek Fejfar was requested to come to America to be the head of cardio-vascular department at the OSN. Within duties of his new function he travelled the whole world together with his wife. Later Zdeněk Fejfar wrote a number of nonfiction books; many of them with an author´s participation of Marie Fejfarová. Until 2012 Ms. Fejfarová lived in the family villa in Hanspaulka, then she in a nursing home in Bubeneč. Marie Fejfarová passed away during the spring 2017.


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When: 30/12/2013 21:28:24
Author: Petr Zemánek, Other specialisation: kastelán hradu Točník
Title: Projekt "Století" Jan Langer
Nafocena panem Janem Langerem do alba stoletých bez dobové fotografie, protože všechny spálila.
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