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Marie Adlerová (1931) - Biography

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Even after the war, the spirit of scouting kept reminding us of our duty to help others.

Marie Adlerová, née Křesťanová, was born November 4, 1931 in Vrapice near Kladno, where she spent her childhood and experienced her first years of scouting. She participated in her fist summer camp in 1939 in Neratovice. The Scouts continued meeting in their clubroom for some time after the outbreak of the war in September 1939, but at the end of the year their activity was no longer allowed.
She became involved in scouting immediately after the war. Among others, she and her troop participated in the organization of the return of Lidice women from the concentration camp to their village. Since she refused to join the socialist youth union, she did not receive a recommendation and was not allowed to study at a university. She thus began working in an office in the Pilsen region. Later she returned to her native Kladno. She has never ceased being a Scout, she continues to follow the principles of scouting and is keen to do something good every day.

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