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Отець Микола Царик (1912 - 1998) - Biography

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"People, I beg you, don’t do harm to one another ..."

Mykola Tsaryk was born on March 20, 1912 in the village Sulymiv, Zhovkva district of Lviv region in a big family of husbandmen. He went to school in 1919 in the village Sulymiv, and in 1923 he successfully passed the entrance exams to Academic Gymnasium in Lviv. He graduated from Gymnasium in 1931. After taking his final exams he wanted to enter the theological seminary in Lviv, but his village, Sulymiv belonged to Przemysl diocese, so he had no right to study at the Lviv seminary. At that time he entered the Lviv University, Department of Greek and Latin languages, and after a year of studies, in 1932, he entered the theological seminary in Przemysl. In a year he was sent to study in Rome.
During the studies in Rome, in 1936, he received predeacon ordination, in 1937 - deacon ordination, and in 1938 - priestly ordination from the hands of Bishop Oleksandr Yevreyinov.
In Rome in 1939 he defended his PhD in theology. Then he returned home. At the end of September in 1939 he was appointed as a "vicar" in the village Lazy near Yaroslav, and two months later was sent to the village Dmytrovychi, Mostyskyy district. Local authorities were hostile to the Father. In 1941 Father Mykola was transferred to village Bolehivtsi near Drohobych, and in 1943 - to Dobromyl. In 1945 he was a member of Dobromyl decanal council. He refused to sign to Orthodoxy in 1946. After that he returned to his native village. During the underground times of the UGCC, Father Mykola celebrated the services secretly.
During 1950-1972 he worked as an accountant in the department of disinfection in Zaliznychnyy and Leninsky districts of Lviv. He was often persecuted by authorities. He died on 23 November 1998.

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