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Отець Методій Костюк (1953 - 2008) - Biography

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"A man who truly believes, who has a firm ground under his feet – nothing can shake him off"

Mykola Kostyuk was born on December 20, 1953 in the village Sharpantsi, Sokal district, Lviv region. Shortly after his birth the family moved to the village Skomorokhy, Sokal district, where he spent his childhood. When the boy was 15, according to his mother advice, he went to study to Lviv medical school.
In Lviv Mykola Kostyuk got to know closer the Greek Catholic underground. He often attended Roman Catholic Church. During his studies in Lviv he met with various representatives of the priesthood and laity of underground UGCC. In 1969 he decided to become a priest and immediately began to study theology secretly. In 1972 he was summoned to the KGB, but he refused to cooperate. In 1973 he stopped studying because of military service. After returning from the army, he continued to contact with the Greek-Catholic priests.
On March 20, 1988 Mykola Kostyuk got consecrated by the Bishop Sofron Dmyterko. Immediately right after his ordination, Father Mykola was actively involved in the movement for defending the rights of UGCC.
In 1989 he took part in the action on the Arbat (campaign for the legalization of the UGCC), and in early 1990s he began his real priestly ministry in the parish of the Assumption of Blessed Mary in Stryy. On July 27, 1994 Mykola decided to enter the Studite monastic community. After the initial monastic formation in Holy Assumption Monastery in Univ, on January 14, 1997, Father Mykola Kostyuk made his perpetual vows, taking the monastic name Metodiy.
In early 1990s Hieromonk Metodiy began a work fervently on the restoration of monasteries, which at that time were in ruins. In 1998 he became a prior of newly created Khrestoproishodzhenskyy Studite Order in Pidkamin. He died on December 18, 2008.

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