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Alena Lorencová (1924) - Biography

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I was very happy that I, a little girl, could greet the adult leaders with the Scout greeting

Mrs. Alena Lorencová was born October, 28, 1924 in Chotěboř. Her parents ran a packaging business in Hlinsko; there she learnt the cardboard-maker's trade and worked for her parents before the war. During WWII she was doing conscripted labour for the German army in an aircraft engine assembly factory near Náchod. After the war she worked in a textile warehouse as a treasurer in the Jednota grocery store. Since she was from a small trader's family, after the communist coup in 1948 she was regarded untrustworthy and was the first one to be dismissed from her job. Her parents' business was confiscated by the state. Mrs. Lorencová began working in the factory Electro-Praga, where she first worked in the galvanizing workshop and later transferred to the production line for health reasons, where she remained working till her retirement. As a young girl she was a member of Junák (Czechoslovak Scouting organization - transl.'s note) and Sokol. She was inspired to become a Scout thanks to her brother whom she had visited at summer camp. She became a leader of a Scout pack before the war. After the restoration of Junák she was the leader of the first postwar camp for Girl Scouts from Hlinsko, which was held in Libchavy near Ústí nad Orlicí in 1945. She married shortly after and started a family.

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