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Otakar Volejník (1927) - Biography

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Scouting has taken up a lot of my time, but I don’t regret it.

Otakar Volejník was born in 1927. At 11 years of age he joined the Scout Group in Hlinsko. At his first Scout camp he was given the nickname Mowgli. During the war he studied at a grammar school in Chotěboř. The school was closed in 1944, thus he was forced to wait until the end of the war to finish his studies. In the last days of the war he helped clear away things left behind on the roads by the retreating German army. Soon after the war he took part in documenting the remaining German property in Černovír near Ústí nad Orlicí, returning back to the same place soon after with Scouts to help with the harvest.

After graduating, Otakar Volejník completed military service and moved to Liberec to get a job. He returned to Hlinsko in 1952. During the second renewal of the Scout Movement in 1968-70, he was the leader of two group camps. In 1972, Otakar Volejník was relegated to an inferior position and subsequently fired for disagreeing with the invasion of the Warsaw Pact armies into Czechoslovakia. After the last renewal of the Scout Movement in 1989, he was elected Leader of the Hlinsko Group. He remained Leader until 1998. He has been decorated with several Scout honours, among others the Medal of Gratitude and the Order of the Clovered Lily of Honour.


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