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Jiří Stránský (1931) - Biography

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Jiří Stránský was born on 12.August 1931 in Prague. His father, JUDr. Karel Stránský, was a renowned Prague lawyer of aristocratic origin. His mother Božena, born Malypetrová, was a daughter of a first republic politician Jan Malypetr. Jiří Stránský was a middle of three brothers. His father was arrested by gestapo and taken to Auschwitz during the WWII. After the war he was sentenced again in 1948 to two years imprisonment. Jiří Stránský was exluded from school short before the leaving exam, therefore he didn´t finish his secondary education, and had to leave Prague and started to work as a geodesist. Then he was recruited to the army and   worked by the PTP (supportive technical batallions). In January he was arrested, accused of a high treason and in a fabricated trial sentenced to eight years in prison. He met important exponents of intellectual life then, e.g. writers Zahradníček, Rotrekl, Knap, Křelina. He was released on parol in 1960. then he worked by "Vodní stavby" (Hydro-constructions), but between the years 1974 - 1976 he was imprisoned again this time for supposed "stealing of socialistic property". After he returned from prison he worked at a petrol station and also as an external worker in Barrandov studios. After 1990 he dedicated himself to writing and in the years 1992 - 2006 he was a chairman of the Czech PEN Club. Several of his books were made into films.

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