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Juraj Anoškin (1930) - Biography

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I can study, I can speak, and I can criticise or express my opinion. People usually aren’t conscious of how amazing is to have all these options

Juraj Anoškin was born in 1930. Both his parents were of the noble ancestry. His father, high tsarist officer, came from Russia. His mother was on the distaff side the princess Radziwill. Firstly he attended the public school in Podolínec, later he continued studying in Stará Ľubovňa and he finished his primary education in Orava where he also attended the first year of grammar school. Because his sister Eugénia had studied at the grammar school in Žilina, he moved there as well. Since his family had to change residence very often, in 1944 he started to attend various schools in Martin and Nové Mesto nad Váhom. He passed the leaving examination at the grammar school in Košice. When the Uprising was crushed in 1944, the whole family moved to Prague where they lived for several months. Later they came back to Slovakia and in the year 1950, Juraj started to study at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. In 1953 he and his sister were arrested and sentenced for high treason because Juraj had told his friend about the best area to flee across the border. This act was taken by the communist regime as an abetment of fleeing abroad, so Juraj Anoškin was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. He served his sentence in Jáchymov mines. After being released, he returned back to Bratislava where he started to work as a draughtsman for Keramoprojekt enterprise. During the next few years he worked as a head of construction staff in Pozemné stavby and concurrently with working there, he used to found artistic groups throughout the whole republic. In 1966 he got married and a year later he graduated from constructional engineering. In 1984 he attained the Candidate of Sciences degree. Since 1989 he worked as a freelancer and at the same time he was employed in the plant producing computer technology. Later he took early retirement and ran his own business. In 1998 Anoškin family was given back the noble title and subsequently in the same year they founded The Aristocratic Association of Slovakia.

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