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Pavel Horešovský (1942) - Biography

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It is my fault that I was not interested in it before.


Pavel Horešovský was born May 25, 1942 in Lidice as the last child before the village was seized by the Nazis. He was one of the group of children who were interned in the orphanage in the former Masaryk houses in Prague-Krč during the war. After the war he was reunited with his mother, who survived her internment in the concentration camp Ravensbrück. His father was murdered by the Nazis during the Lidice tragedy together with other men from the village. Pavel Horešovský grew up with his grandparents in Makotřasy, later it was his mother and her second husband who were taking care of him in Prague. In 1953 the family moved to the new village of Lidice. Pavel Horešovský learnt the car mechanic's trade in Čáslav and began his military service in September 1961. Later he worked for the company SONP in the Poldi factory in Kladno, and then in the company Colsys where he stayed until his retirement. After the revolution in 1989, he briefly served as the chairman of the Lidice chapter of the Association of Freedom Fighters. After his decision to withdraw from this position he has continued to organize commemorative ceremonies in Lidice and other social events which are related to Lidice. He also promotes the Lidice legacy in Germany.

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