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Záviš Bozděch (1929) - Biography

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They judged us all together

Záviš Bozděch was born on 10 October 1929 in Prague-Vinohrady. His father was an engineer and his mother was an accountant. He was an active Scout from 1943 - both when Scouting was secretly organised by the Czech Tourist Club and later when it was (briefly) officially reinstated. He was a part of a Scout patrol that served during the Prague Uprising, he participated in "blueberry picking" events (post-war Scout summer work camps to help revive the desolate border regions - trans.), and in 1949 he joined the Scout branch of a resistance group that allegedly attempted to overthrow the Communist regime in 1949. He and other Scouts were arrested and sentenced to two years in prison. He served his sentence in the labour camp Rovnost (Equality). In Rovnost he helped publish a poetry magazine, which was later re-issued under the title of Přádénko z drátů (Skein of Wire). After his release he underwent military service with the 64th Battalion of the Auxiliary Engineering Corps (forced labour) in Děčín, where he did various work, though mostly in construction. He worked in Vasilenko's laboratory, who recommended him for university studies. He was accepted to a long-distance course at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. He was the leader of the Scout troop Water Two. After the Velvet Revolution he worked as a certified expert in the field of construction until his retirement.

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