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Aloisie Pauerová (1946) - Biography

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I wouldn't wish anyone a youth like mine, and I won't let the communists have it easy, I haven't forgiven them yet

Aloisie Pauerová, née Suchanová, was born in 1946, she grew up in Janovice nad Úhlavou. She had an older brother and sister. She had a very harsh youth. In October 1948 her father, the chemist Miroslav Suchan, emigrated first to the FRG, then to Brazil, where he died in 1958. Her mother was arrested in 1950 and sentenced to a year in prison and a hefty fine for a letter in which she wanted to inform her husband that the children were all right and which was intercepted by an agent of State Security (StB). Her uncle Josef Kohout also emigrated in 1948 and her aunt Milada Kohoutová was arrested in 1949, accused of seditious activity and sentenced to 18 years in prison, released by amnesty in 1960. They had two sons. All five practically orphaned children were cared for by her mother's parents, the Mikulášeks, who had to work hard to make a living for them all despite their considerable age. The family suffered from poverty. Aloisie married early and started her own household. Her grammar school studies were left unfinished, she worked at a dairy. She was later employed in the Okula factory in Nýrsko, where she completed studies at a secondary technical night school. She also worked at the railways.

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