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Václav Hanf (1934 - 2017) - Biography

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I have lost my original family, and they didn’t want to allow me to have a new family


Václav Hanf comes from a Lidice coal mining family. His father, Václav Hanf, and his mother, Anna, née Kubelová. He was born on June 5, 1934 and had two older sisters, Marie and Anna. After the destruction of Lidice on June 10, 1942 Václav Hanf, Jr. was transported with the other children to Łódź. Thanks to his sisters he was included in a small group of children who were sent to Germany for re-education. However, they were first taken to Puschkau, Poland. Václav was adopted by the Strauss family, who had also adopted his sister Anna. His surrogate parents had problems with him, so eventually he was repudiated and sent to an SS camp in Oberweis and then to a Hitlerjugend training camp in Maria-Schmoll. After the surrender of Germany he was taken to an assembly camp in Austria where he was then found by a search group, one of whose members was Mrs. Josefina Napravilová. Since the siblings had lost both parents, they were taken care of by their relatives. Václav went on to live with his uncle in Hřebeč. He learned the electrician's trade in the Poldi factory and when he was seventeen, he decided to join the army and become a professional soldier. He met his wife-to-be at that time. Their baby was on the way, but problems arose in Lidice. The people of Lidice opposed his planned marriage to a kulak's daughter. He was even summoned to court (on the date of the infamous anniversary on June 10), where they tried to force him to terminate the engagement. Václav refused and the court eventually allowed him to marry her. He was however no longer allowed to study at the academy for non-commissioned officers and he was assigned to the Auxiliary Technical Battalions. When he returned to his family, together with his wife's parents and their baby daughter, they moved to the Karlovy Vary region. Since then, Václav Hanf worked in various jobs. In the 1990s the Hanf family built a pension. He died in February 2017.

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When: 31/10/2010 16:30:44
Author: Vilém Faltýnek, Other specialisation: collector
Title: natáčení s Václavem Hanfem
Natáčení s panem Václavem Hanfem bylo neproblematické, pamětník cítí jako povinnost o svých zkušenostech podat svědectví. Je si ale také vědom toho, že jeho paměť už neslouží dobře. Bohužel řada skutečností, které uvádí dnes, je v dřívějších pramenech (často odkazujících opět k jeho výpovědi) prezentována odlišně.
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