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Ing. Саид-Ахмед Султанович Гантимиров (1946) - Biography

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It is already eight years now since then, but I am still restoring what was destroyed in the war.

Said Ahmed Sultanovich Gantimorov was born in Almaty, Kazkhstan, USSR in 1946. His father was an accountant, his mother was working at home, there were two daughters and one son in the family. He spent his childhood in difficult conditions - his family was deported to Central Asia two years before his birth. From 1957 the Chechens were allowed to return home, Said Ahmed's family returned two years after that. In 1965 he began working in school, but two years later he started to study in Semipalatinsk in the Jambul Institute of Technology. After graduation he worked first in a meat processing plant in Semipalatinsk, later he returned to Chechnya. He married in 1968, has two daughters and two sons. His family was affected by both Chechen wars, he had to rebuild his house three times from ruins. Syeed Ahmed lives now with his wife and his daughter in Grozny.


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