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Хабибул Муазович Эскерханов (1941) - Biography

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The Soldier ordered: ´Get ready!´

Mr. Chabibul Muazovich Eskerchanov was born in 1941 in Ord Yuchoyi village in Schatuyi district of the Chechen-Ingush Soviet republic.

On February 23rd 1944 the population of Chechen-Ingush republic has been forcibly displaced to various parts of the Central Asian Soviet republic. Chabibul was three years old at that time. Except of his parents he also had two brothers, sister and a grandmother. His father was a lawyer and worked in the prosecution department. Two days before the displacement he was - as the other men from the village - sent away for so called retraining. The other residents could pack only the necessary stuff and after that they have been transported to Grozny. From here they were traveling for about a month in a cattle wagons until they arrived to south west Kazakhstan. The journey was extremely tough; the exiles were exposed to hunger and winter, many of them didn't survived.

The Eskerchanov family settled down firstly in Kyzylorda town and after their father joined them after about three months, they all moved to Zhambyl town - town on the border with Kyrgyzstan. Their father worked for the local police at the beginning, but he was dismissed soon for he was designated as "entrusted captive". After that he was working as a head of the canteen; the family was forced to move almost every year.

Chabibul attended school in Kyrgyzstan between the years 1947 - 1960.  The last years of school he passed through the night school, because he was already working as an electrician.

The Chechen - Ingush republic has been re-established again in 1957 and the residents were allowed to return. However their original homes were occupied by new owners. The Eskerchanov family therefore decided not to go back there. They were given the housing in the area of the former collective farm, where they lived until the Second Chechen war, when they were forced to leave to Ingushetia. Their home was looted.



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