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Emil Švec (1925 - 2010) - Biography

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The reality is that there exists an illegal communist organization in the justice system, which is connected with former communist structures and has available material from the State Security and the Ministry of Interior and it directs further battle to cover up for the culprits who committed crimes of the past as it pushes to take root and hold its current position in justice And this is what they gave me those three months for

Emil Švec was born in 1925 in Piešťany. He grew up in a Christian family, gained the elementary and secondary education, later he completed also air training in the army. As a young student he joined the Piešťany group White Legion, which led an active resistance against the communist totalitarian regime being formed.  Kamil Vančo, a Catholic priest from Sokolovce near Piešťany made him acquainted with other members of the group at his parish. During his further studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava he was arrested by the State Security and sentenced to six years of prison for high treason. After releasing from the custody he couldn´t find any job so he fled to Austria in a crop-dusting airplane. He signed up for courses at the University in Vienna and during the studies of medicine he also worked as a journalist. However, at that time State Security registered him as a state enemy and his activity was monitored. In 1961 he was convicted in absentia for espionage and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Later on, he was attacked, wounded, and kidnapped from Austria to Czechoslovakia by the State Security forces. Communist propaganda started to play an intelligence game and misinformed the public, that Emil Švec was captured whilst crossing the boarder from Austria to Czechoslovakia. Without any reason he was named a NATO agent. In 1969 he was freed and rehabilitated. After the pseudo-rehabilitation he was imprisoned again. Finally he was released from the prison in 1977; however, he had many problems with State Security until 1989. Shocking was a reality that in 1993 he was convicted of a harsh offending a public actor in the execution of his legal authority and the County Court in Trnava sentenced him to spend three months in the prison. The reason for this action was that after 1989 was Emil Švec searching for his perpetrators and calling for their punishment.



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