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JUDr. Květoslava Musilová, roz. Kolačná (1921 - 2017) - Audio/video gallery

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Expelled from the Faculty of Law

"Look, it was like this. I already told you about the Lawyer club. The last elections into the Lawyer were in 1947. And that time us non-communists completely dominated the club, the communists didn't get in at all. The elections were based on party membership at the time. So there was the people's party, the social democrats and us national socialists. The national socialists and the people's party stuck together like one unit - but we didn't have an absolute majority. And that's when Mojmír Povolný came along and suggested we join up with the social democrats. So us national socialists joined up with the social democrats, the people's party had no option but to keep with us, and the communists got the hard end of the stick. We were overjoyed by the victory for two months, then the communists threw us out of the faculty."



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