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Jan Pavlíček (1917) - Audio/video gallery

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The taking of student dorms

“When it happened on November 17th, they wanted to take all of us to a concentration camp. It happened in the morning, I woke up and heard some noise, louder than it was usual in the dorms. I shared a corner room with one student from Ostrava, it was a larger room, a better one than ordinary rooms. My roommate was in Ostrava at that time, his father was the presiding judge of the regional court there. I myself was surprised by the noise. I stepped out of the room to go wash myself, and the Germans were already there and they were forcing us out of the rooms. Before I managed to get to the bathroom, a friend of mine, with whom I had been in theatre the night before, was shouting at me from the yard: ´They will take all of you to a concentration camp!´ The news spread quickly, for those nine students had already been executed. And they were pushing us out. I was still in my pyjamas, and they brought all of us, dressed as we were, down to the dining hall. There was a small podium, with a piano, and then only tables, nothing else. They made us put these tables together, and we all had to stand, none of us was allowed to sit down. And one SS man stood at that raised platform, with a loaded machine gun aimed at us. And we were standing there till 12 o’clock. At twelve the dorm’s manager came, his name was also Frank, but this was pure coincidence, he had nothing in common with Germans. He came, and the German soldiers left, and he told us that we were terribly lucky, for some German officers were also staying in this dorm building, and it was only thanks to them that we had not been taken to Ruzyně.”



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