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Ignác Bilík (1920) - Audio/video gallery

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Slánský in Moscow

“Rudolf Slánský’s daughter was kidnapped when they were in Moscow so he was investigating it and found out that it had been committed by the wife of some great Communist, that it was her who took the little daughter away. He was so afraid to report it was her who had kidnapped the daughter that he did not report it at all. So when Lébl told me about this, I say: ‘It serves him well, son of a bitch, to be hanged.’ Richard Slánský was an ambassador in Iran; they came for him to go back so he went back. They told him he was arrested. He got a slap on his face and he was to go to court. So he went but he didn’t get the rope. He told them about it, he didn’t conceal it, even the thing about his brother being afraid to report the disappearance of his daughter. Lébl had it clear, he was the most sensible one. He was also thinking about why he got imprisoned. So he discovered that once he went with this Višinský and criticized something, maybe that Rudolf because of the little girl. So then it was a revenge that he got imprisoned. But he didn’t bother. “



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