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Miloslav Moulis (1921) - Audio/video gallery

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Buchenwald brothel and an Italian princess

“Then they even made a brothel there. The SS men made a brothel for the prominent ones or whoever… they made a brothel in Buchenwald. They put in some women who were prisoners at the prison camp at Ravensbruck, where they told them that if they came, they would be released home in a year. The women worked as prostitutes there, and of course they weren’t let home. It wasn’t even considered to send the political prisoners there. (Was it paid for?) It was paid for… (Did you have some money there?) Yeah, we had some money… (From home?) But I remember it, there was that roll call that night, there was that SS man and there was, I don’t know, a ticket or something. And I remember that once the roll call was over, the SS man said: “Prisoners, those that have tickets, you may enter the brothel, imlaufschlit, but quickly!” To the laughs of the others, those two or three went into the brothel. For us Czechs, it was below our …, to go. Among the Germans, there were many homosexuals, and, of course, the Nazis were against homosexuals, so to stop them from being homosexual, they let them into the brothel. Somehow like this… In the year ’43, when Italy just gave up and went over to the Allies, the Gestapo arrested members of the ruling family and also a princess, the daughter of King Emmanuel, or whatever his name was. And they took her to Buchenwald. Imagine that… She was already somewhat sick, and sometimes she was really bad. Now, there weren’t any women there. So they put the princess, they put that princess into the brothel! That was the only place where there were women! She died there, I guess … after a short amount of time. An Italian princess…”



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