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Jiří Palatý (1928) - Audio/video gallery

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Providing a hiding place for Josef Fischer

“Docent Fischer thus normally lived with us, he was registered in our house, and he was receiving ration stamps even at this time, so it did work. We called him Mr. teacher; of course we knew that he was to be addressed as Mr. Hybšman, but we called him teacher, since he really was a teacher. He was a leading personality in the Committee of the Petition ‘We Remain Faithful‘ (Věrni Zůstaneme) which was based on the declaration of president Beneš that we would remain faithful. He was working on a program of postwar development of our country. Unfortunately, the organization Věrni Zůstaneme soon became tracked by the Gestapo. The Gestapo eventually got to us, which was a terrible tragedy, because the person who had informed upon us lived close to our home.”



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