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Katalin Mester (1944) - Audio/video gallery

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Just in the direction of the tower

„We were walking and walking for a while. Then suddenly we heard the babble of some water. ’What is it?’ Nobody had told about it. We found a steep bank in front of us and then a river. It wasn’t a big river like the Danube, it was a brook. First we didn’t even see it. We had to go down steeply. Since I was the younger and the more agile, I told I would go down and see it. I went down and I found a small brook which we were able to cross. Q.: Did you see it was shallow? A.: If I remember well I entered the water to see how deep it was. It didn’t matter at all, we were all wet. First I touched the bank with my hand trying not to lose our bags. Then my Mum followed me, but before she had lowered the bags to me, it wasn’t easy. We stood on the riverside then helping each other not to sink, to avoid misfortunes, we succeeded to cross the river. It wasn’t a big obstacle but that guy hadn’t mentioned that there would be some water on our way. Finally we crossed it. Q.: So you waded across it, didn’t you? And did you climb up the other bank? V.: Yes, we did, on the other bank. We sighed of relief. We took our bottle of rum, we sat down for a bit. Then to our great alarm we lost sight of our aim. The region was full of hills. We lost heart, ’where to go, how to go?’ However we followed our way and in some time we noticed the tower again. Then there must have been some nest which we roused. Q.: I imagine it was very noisy. A.: Yes, it was. The birds were alarmed… But all these things happened to us. It was getting almost dawn, it was foggy. All of a sudden we smelt dung nearby. ’We must be near to some village then!’ I will remember it forever, we were blessed. We saw unexpectedly some light, then we realized it was a street lamp, and finally we saw the village itself. We looked around, We saw a table saying Deutschkreuz. We sat down and we began to cry. Then we entered the village. We had no idea where to go, but there was a man who was waiting for the refugees.”



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