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Karel Janovický (1930) - Audio/video gallery

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The entrance-exams at the Academy of Music (HAMU)

“I then went to take the entrance exam at the Academy of Music but I wasn’t admitted there, allegedly for a lack of capacities, but the students led political talks with me and found me to be politically naive and unaware. I was then transferred to the Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy, but that came to naught because we left shortly afterwards.” “Was that some kind of a student committee, the body that decided whom to take and whom not to?” “I don’t know exactly, at first I took a regular examination with various professors. But then I was invited to sit and chat with such a group of politically engaged students who would ask me what kind of party newspapers I was reading and that sort of things. And that was the reason why I failed the admission exams, because I didn’t know any.” “Is there any chance that the occupation of your parents could have played a role in that decision?” “Of course.”



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