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Karel Brhel (1922 - 2006) - Audio/video gallery

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“They were ready for it, because there were several enclaves like that by the Atlantic Ocean (or actually, that was already by the North Sea). Dunkirk, Pleubian, St Nazaire, and however-many more, some four or five of the large ports, and these pockets [of resistance - trans.] lasted until the end, until the capitulation. They withstood it all. Submarines brought them food, tins, and so on. Airplanes made ammunition drops. Then they flooded the whole area with water, they tore down all the safety dams, it was all flooded up, mines everywhere. There were thousands of mines there, so you couldn’t even get to them. And then they did these forays - come nightfall, they got into fast boats and attacked our positions, they’d disembark in groups of 50 to 100 Germans and assault us from behind. So there were nighttime alerts all the time. The Germans could appear in kinds of places. They made hell for us. So we’d push them back again. Some of them got caught - those were in for a nasty time.”



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