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Růžena Kamarádová (1924) - Audio/video gallery

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Interrogation at the secret police's headquarters

“We spent a week at the StB headquarters. We slept on a sort of a plank bed. The same kind of planks that were used at the old open-air swimming pools. I couldn’t change my clothes, I couldn’t wash myself. They put me in a dark room and point their flash lights at me. There were several investigators in the room when they interrogated me. They screamed at me, asked me questions. I responded. When I didn’t respond, they screamed again. This lasted for a week. Over and over again. My dad was there and one of the investigators said that my dad had done a bad job bringing me up. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to break his neck. But I said to myself that I must endure it. Then, when I was put into prison, I was so stressed out that I used to throw chairs at them. So they put me in a straitjacket. Later, I cooled down a little. I realized that it was pointless to react to the stupid things they were saying. I didn’t understand why they were acting like this. They behaved this way the entire time I was there.”



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