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MUDr. Anna Bittmanová (1929 - 2011) - Audio/video gallery

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Deportation to Sereď

“First they arrested my father, he was behind the bars for about a week. It’s not even important to talk about it, none of us was told what and how it happened. But it is possible they wanted some money, which we did not have anyway. And about two or three months after, they began arresting others, too, even those who were baptized, for example, or who had some been granted some exemptions. So eventually they came of for us too. This was in 1942 and I can tell you precisely when, for it was on October 28th 1942 (Czechoslovak Independence Day – transl.´s note). They put us to jail overnight ad then we were taken to that camp. I don’t remember the journey at all. And I consider it very important to say that personally I have never seen a German in Slovakia who would be involved in all these anti-Semitic matters: there was not a single German, perhaps only someone who was a resident, but those did not meddle with it. Those who were doing it were all Slovaks, from the Hlinka´s guards. They took us to the camp.”



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