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Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010) - Аудіо/відео галерея

Проект: Stories of 20th Century
Установа: Post Bellum

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Karel Dvořák and an Alleged Contriving of the Assassination of the Head Teacher Bauer

“The head was the teacher Bauer and he lived in a confiscated villa. I don't know if it was a Jewish property but he lived with a family of a professor in the villa whose son attended school with us. And Karel Dvořák was a lousy pupil, a below-average one. Had there been no one to learn with him in order to keep up with the demands, he would probably never scraped through. He was also one of the first ones who died in Terezín because he didn't know how to behave. We felt rather sorry for him or we made fun of him rather than to hate him. People said that the head teacher's daughter said something about her father in the courtyard. And Karel apparently said something like that she shouldn't boast so much because the Germans were going to kill her father anyway or something like that. He simply said something in a dumb way. The girl said it at home. And the head teacher, in order to make himself more interesting, said that the students were preparing an assassination of him. It was the contriving of his assassination.”



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