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Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010) - Audio/video gallery

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Introduction of the Witness

“My name is Lidmila Daňková and I was born in Podlusky at Roudnice nad Labem on March 15th, 1923. Podlusky is a part of Roudnice at present. I grew up in a family with two older siblings. My sister died, I never knew her. My brother joined the Army at the age of 30. He was conscripted and because there was unemployment and there were no chances for him at home, he remained in the Army serving longer. He didn't have any school leaving exam so he worked as a staff technical sergeant and he was an ordnance sergeant. I got to know him only adult like this. I attended primary school. We used to walk three kilometers to Roudnice every day. Then back home for lunch, then for afternoon classes and then back home again. I finished girl's primary school and then I continued at secondary school with the vision I'd become a teacher. I got as far as the fourth one-year learning course and I was about to do an interview at the teacher's college. There were zones at that time already when Roudnice secondary school belonged to the teacher's college Žatec. Nobody was accepted to Prague, Kralupy or some other places where the teacher's colleges were as well. My class-mate Věra Uhlířová repeated a one-year course. She wanted to try that again as she was turned down last year because of too many applicants. It was for the first time in my life when the teacher called my parents. My Dad came and he said to the teacher, who was thinking about it for a long time then and couldn't understand that, that the girl who was repeating already was loosing a year and had the moral right to go at the college. She was sure to be accepted. My Mum was one of 11 children and she was a realist, so she couldn't understand that very much. But my Dad, the housefather, decided that.”



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