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Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010) - Audio/video gallery

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Solidarity of Terezín Prisoners

“(Memories) of Terezín ... that kind of solidarity. We were on our own at the beginning, so one of us had to say or narrate something. Then we got some more prisoners at our cell. There was a professor from Prague. Her name was Louise, we used to call her Louisinka and she was teaching us all about various poetry books. These are wonderful memories. And the solidarity of our class... I have got two girls and I can say that they envied me the solidarity and help when somebody in the class needed something. When I called, somebody came and helped me. At the beginning we used to meet at Lída's at the station in Roudnice. Those were three wonderful days of the year. There were doctors among us and when some girl needed, she could come to hospital immediately. Such solidarity and cohesion of a class is a very rare thing. If you are having good times in everyday situations, the group will never be as close to one another as we were. So I do appreciate the solidarity of the group most.”



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