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Lidmila Daňková (1923 - 2010) - Audio/video gallery

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Liberation, the End of War

“I lived in Budyně and I worked in a factory there. Saturday 5th May came and Prague was calling for help. So the tanners, the guys from the wet workshops where skin was combed, they were dropping everything... Luckily, the doctor of chemistry Wolfart, the owner, was not present there. He owned some more factories in Praha Dejvice, similar tanneries. It started on Saturday, the turmoil lasted till 9th May till the morning when the city hall bells started tolling. The city hall announced that the first Soviet tanks were coming from Žabovřesky to Budyně. They were coming from the Erzgebirge area. We didn't know then that the advancement of the American Army towards Prague was prohibited and that the Soviet Army had to come in Prague. We welcomed them, they were all covered with dust on the tanks and they were heading to Prague. It was Wednesday and we met in the Grammar School in Roudnice on Friday already. It was May 11th. We were just a few but we wanted to meet on Monday already. There were still ordinary classes, they didn't close the Grammar School down. And the professors in their excitement made a special plan due to the end of the war so that we could keep up.”



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