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A 1938 – 1945 emigrant/refugee (175) Forced labour during the WW2 (305) Holocaust (385) Hungarian army soldier during 2WW (14) International Brigadiers (4) Participant in antifascist resistance (351) Participant in Czechoslovak resistance during WW2 (221) People helping Jews during WWII (85) Political prisoner in WW2 (161) Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp (252) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (115) Prisoner of the Jasenovac concentration camp (1) Prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp (19) Prisoner of War/ P.O.W (57) Royal Air Force (60) Sanitary worker during the World War 2 (68) Slovak army soldier during 1939 - 1945 (42) The Army of the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia (17) The Children of Lidice (10) The Children of Svatobořice (14) The Women of Lidice (6) Theresienstadt Ghetto (131) Veteran of WW2, eastern front (351) Veteran of WW2, Middle East (44) Veteran of WW2, western front (199) Wehrmacht soldier (59)

List of witnesses

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Ludmila Uhlířová (1922) video clip available

born on the 1st of April 1922 in Bludov, Volhynia, back then belonging to Poland during Soviet era the family was designated for transportation to Siberia witnessed mass murders of Jews Bandera group almost beat her brother to death in 1947 the family ... arrows 

Oldřich Ulrich (1914)

born May 1, 1914 in Sezemice graduated from school for reserve officers in Košice and the military academy in Hranice served in Trebišov, in the 1st mountain regiment in Dolný Kubín direct participant in the May and September mobilizations member of the ... arrows 

Private (ret.) Marie Uramová (1930)

Born in Haburé (Slovakia, region of Medzilaborce) 6th September 1930 Enlisted in 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps in 1944 Was appointed to serve in field kitchen, later as nurse Worked in concentration camp, cared for 25 people Was passive eyewitness of the ... arrows 

Jana Urbanová (1937)

born 10 November 1937 in Teplice from a mixed Jewish-Czech family, her father was a doctor in Osek near Duchcov autumn 1938, the family fled Osek after the annexation of the Sudetes her father set up a doctor’s practice in Mníšek pod Brdy c. 1940-1941, her ... arrows 

Jiřina Urbanová (1938 - 2014)

born in Prague in August 1938 her parents involved in the anti-fascist movement after 1939 her parents arrested by the Gestapo in 1943 1943–1945 hiding in orphanages her father Josef Saibert was executed in 1945 her mother returned from concentration camp ... arrows 

Susana Urbanová (1933)

Born on October 6, 1933 in Třebíč Originated from a mixed Jewish-German family 1940 –dismissed from school Witnessed the deportations of Jews from Třebíč during the war March 5, 1943 – her father Arnošt Beneš perished in Auschwitz A large part of her ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Petr Uruba (1916 - 2009)

born in 1917, comes from Rusava in Wallachia fighter pilot in France and England captive in the German Oflag Colditz till 1944 after the war a flying instructor in Olomouc till 1948 during Communism worked as a founder and an employee in the scientific and ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Bedřich Utitz (1920 - 2017) video clip available

born November 20, 1920 in Vienna in a Jewish family 1939 emigrated to Palestine thanks to the Black Rose with the 200th antiaircraft regiment participated in the defence of Tobruk with the anti-tank battery took part in the siege of Dunkerque while on a ... arrows 

Hana Utitz-Raz (1926)

born on December 1, 1926 in Prague the family were assimilated Jews, factory owners occupation of Prague by the Nazis, discrimination against the Jews the Nazis confiscated the family’s factory twelve-year-old Hana was sent to England in the rescue operation ... arrows 

Ľubomír Vacek (1932)

born in 1932 in Hlohovec studied at grammar school in Hlohovec strongly affected by generous help of his father during the WWII and his involvement in the Slovak National Uprising happened to be an unreliable person for the communist regime spent his military ... arrows 



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