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A 1938 – 1945 emigrant/refugee (175) Forced labour during the WW2 (305) Holocaust (385) Hungarian army soldier during 2WW (14) International Brigadiers (4) Participant in antifascist resistance (351) Participant in Czechoslovak resistance during WW2 (221) People helping Jews during WWII (85) Political prisoner in WW2 (161) Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp (252) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (115) Prisoner of the Jasenovac concentration camp (1) Prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp (19) Prisoner of War/ P.O.W (57) Royal Air Force (60) Sanitary worker during the World War 2 (68) Slovak army soldier during 1939 - 1945 (42) The Army of the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia (17) The Children of Lidice (10) The Children of Svatobořice (14) The Women of Lidice (6) Theresienstadt Ghetto (131) Veteran of WW2, eastern front (351) Veteran of WW2, Middle East (44) Veteran of WW2, western front (199) Wehrmacht soldier (59)

List of witnesses

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Major (ret.) Milan Trunkát (1925)

born February 1, 1925 in Moravská Ostrava together with his mother and father helping to guide Czechoslovak soldiers over the border to Poland after March 1938 in April 1939 he and his mother fled to England member of Air Training Corps (ATC) in 1941 joined ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) František Tuček (1918 - 2008)

born on August 6, 1918, in Lanžhot in southern Moravia grew up in Slovakia since 1933, graduated in 1938 from a business academy drafted in 1938 for compulsory military service demobilized on March 15, 1939 1939–1940 fled the country via Slovakia, Hungary, ... arrows 

Leopold Tuček (1928)

born 20 January 1928 in Lanžhot 1938, his family left the border region annexed by Nazi Germany 1944-5, forced labour March 1945, successful escape from forced labour April 1945, liberation of Lanžhot 1946, joined the Czechoslovak National Socialist Party ... arrows 

Pavel Tučný (1925)

he was born in Prague on 28 April 1925 he was a member of the Scouts and Sokol between WWI and WWII he studied at grammar school in Křemencova Street he was forced to work for Luftschutz from 1944 he was a member of the Intelligence Brigade he participated ... arrows 

Pavel Tunák (1925) video clip available

born October 15, 1925 in Turzovka guarded the Mausoleum of Andrej Hlinka on April 19, 1945 forcibly taken by Soviet counter-intelligence to the Soviet Union assembly camp in Auschwitz sentenced to ten years of interment in labour camps assembly camp in ... arrows 

Captain Ladislav Tušer (1924 - 2014)

a Czech born in Carpathian Ruthenia joined The First Czechoslovakian Military Brigade by the end of the war fought at the east front by the 4. brigade, 3. infantry batallion equipped with submachine guns after the war moved to the Czech town of Teplice, worked ... arrows 

Branislav Tvarožek (1925)

he was born on December 1, 1925 in the village of Lok near Levice when Hungary occupied the southern Slovakia, Branislav went to Bratislava to pursue his studies he was dismissed from school when he was caught writing anti-fascist slogans in 1944 he joined the ... arrows 

Jiřina Tvrdíková (1923 - ????)

She was born on May 15th, 1923 in Carpathian Ruthenia She attended the medical school She left with five students to study to the Soviet Union Spent one and a half years in Soviet prisons in the towns of Arzamas and Ivanov. Was sentenced to three years of the ... arrows 

Hana Tvrská (1928) video clip available

Born on April 24, 1928 in South-Bohemia Protivín in a Jewish family On April 18, 1942 left with a transporter Akb to the ghetto in Theresienstadt Placed in Jugendheim L 410 Worked in Theresienstadt walls In December 1943 transported to concentration camp ... arrows 

Marie Tykalová (1931) video clip available

born 26 January 1931 in Radlice near Prague her mother was an ardent member of the Communist Party 1943, Marie took part in the Communist resistance distributed anti-Nazi leaflets after the war, completed a secondary technical school and worked at a ... arrows 



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