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A 1938 – 1945 emigrant/refugee (178) Forced labour during the WW2 (313) Holocaust (412) Hungarian army soldier during 2WW (14) International Brigadiers (4) Participant in antifascist resistance (355) Participant in Czechoslovak resistance during WW2 (224) People helping Jews during WWII (89) Political prisoner in WW2 (162) Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp (263) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (122) Prisoner of the Jasenovac concentration camp (1) Prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp (24) Prisoner of War/ P.O.W (57) Royal Air Force (61) Sanitary worker during the World War 2 (68) Slovak army soldier during 1939 - 1945 (42) The Army of the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia (19) The Children of Lidice (10) The Children of Svatobořice (14) The Women of Lidice (6) Theresienstadt Ghetto (139) Veteran of WW2, eastern front (353) Veteran of WW2, Middle East (44) Veteran of WW2, western front (201) Wehrmacht soldier (60)

List of witnesses

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Lilly Štěpánová (1917)

born in 1917 in Kozolupy Jewish non-religious family moving to Prague before the war did not complete her studies at grammar school for financial reasons married in 1939 1942 her parents and brothers deported to the Łódź ghetto 1943 deported to Terezín ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Antonín Štícha (1924 - 2017)

born in 1924 in Podmokly nad Labem the family had to leave the borderland in 1939 cooperation with the resistance movement Totaleinsatz in Germany accused of giving food to prisoners from the concentration camp, arrested by the Gestapo transferred to the ... arrows 

Private Alexandr Štípek (1920)

born February 29th 1920 in Zálesí in the Volyně region on March 1943 joined the Russian army in Rovno operated an anti-aircraft and anti-tank machine gun took part in the fighting in Machnowka and in the Carpathian-Dukla operation injured at Dukla, his hand ... arrows 

Antonín Šulák (1921 - 2016)

Born on December 17th, 1921 in Lanžhot in southern Moravia. Trained as a workshop fitter and founder. Totaleinsatz (forced labour) in Linz, Graz, Vienna, Kharkov, Uman. 1942 imprisoned for 2 months in a prison factory in Kharkov. During the passage of the ... arrows 

František Šulák (1928)

Member of the Radvanice Sports Club. Arrested because of the club’s resistance activities, although he was not directly involved in them. Held in the Kounicovy dorms in Brno. Flossenbürg concentration camp. Death march to Dachau. Electrician at Geological ... arrows 

Marie Šupíková (1932)

born on 22 August, 1932, in Lidice witnessed the burning down of Lidice was detained in the Kladno grammar school was in a Nazi camp in Lódź went through Nazi re-education in Poznań and Boizenburg is one of the Lidice children that survived the onslaught ... arrows 

Lubor Šušlík (1928) video clip available

born 1928 in Most his father was an officer and a former legionnaire from Russia boy scout, nickname Bill during the war founded the club Prague Five under the Czech Tourist Club conscripted to Todt organization, digging trenches in the Hlučín region april ... arrows 

Warrant Officer Josef Švajgl (1923) video clip available

born March 6, 1923 in Velhartice (Klatovy district) trained as a pastry-cook from March 1943 on forced labour, reconstruction works in damaged French port Saint-Nazaire managed to defect to the Allied armies August 1944 to December 1944 in POW camps in ... arrows 

Stanislav Švarc (1925)

born in 1925 in Ukraine in the village Vyshechadayevskiy-sakharniy zavod his mother was Polish, his father was a Czech the family survived the famine his father Stanislav Švarc Sr. was arrested in 1937 based on a false accusation and executed two months later ... arrows 

Ladislav Švec (1920 - 2015) video clip available

born on November 26, 1920, in Daňkovice, Žďár nad Sázavou was assigned to forced labor in Most in 1942 fled from his assignment and was hiding in the forests surrounding Daňkovice with fellow fugitives after he got into contact with Joseph Serynk, he joined the ... arrows 



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