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A 1938 – 1945 emigrant/refugee (166) Forced labour during the WW2 (281) Holocaust (326) Hungarian army soldier during 2WW (13) International Brigadiers (4) Participant in antifascist resistance (322) Participant in Czechoslovak resistance during WW2 (207) People helping Jews during WWII (72) Political prisoner in WW2 (153) Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp (226) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (99) Prisoner of the Jasenovac concentration camp (1) Prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp (18) Prisoner of War/ P.O.W (55) Royal Air Force (60) Sanitary worker during the World War 2 (66) Slovak army soldier during 1939 - 1945 (40) The Army of the Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia (16) The Children of Lidice (10) The Children of Svatobořice (11) The Women of Lidice (5) Theresienstadt Ghetto (119) Veteran of WW2, eastern front (345) Veteran of WW2, Middle East (44) Veteran of WW2, western front (193) Wehrmacht soldier (56)

List of witnesses

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Václav Zelenka (1938)

born 9th September 1938 in Kladno early childhood in Lidice after Lidice was razed he was sent to Germany for re-education end of war and first post-war years spent in defeated Germany worked as a electrical engineer in Socialist factories Soviet occupation ... arrows 

Lieutenant (ret.) Adolf Pravoslav Zelený (1914 - 2010)

born on 11th October 1914 in Rožná pod Pernštejnem in the Žďár nad Sázavou district 1937 – graduated at the Military Academy in Hranice na Moravě as a lieutenant 12th June 1939, illegal crossing of the borders to Poland left to France, served in the foreign ... arrows 

Josef Zelený (1921)

born on March 1st, 1921 in Poland after the outbreak of WWII took part in guerrilla resistance movement in Czechoslovak Army since spring 1944, Artillery officer fought in Carpathian-Dukla operation and at Jaslo fighting got injured a few times settled down ... arrows 

Zdeněk Zelený (1924)

born December 1, 1924 in Prague his father was a Russian legionnaire Roman Catholic family 1934 joined the Legio Angelica scout troop all scouting activities were banned under the Protectorate conscripted labour in Nuremberg: Hermann Göring Werke together ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Jiří Zenáhlík (1921)

was born on May 20th in 1921 in Tábor in October 1943 he was brought to Berlin on forced labor from where he had escaped in the summer of 1944 to France zhen in England, he joined the army and in November 1944 he was put on in France, in a troop on reserve ... arrows 

Eduard Zimmel (1926) video clip available

born March 13, 1926 in Rapšach in the Vitorazsko (Weitraer) region refused to be drafted to the wehrmacht in 1943 October 26, 1943 - arrested and imprisoned in Znojmo and in Simmering in Vienna interned in the Dachau concentration camp in 1943–1945 worked in ... arrows 

Walter Zimmermann (1923)

born July 30, 1923 in a hamlet Sejfy near Jáchymov father was a miner, a staunch antifascist and an official of the prewar Communist Party 1938 – family fled from Jáchymov to the inland (Kladno) emigration to Great Britain refugee camp in Leeds December ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel Eduard Zirnzák (1928)

born August 5, 1928 in Carpathian Ruthenia relocation in search of work 1938 outbreak of the war and the Hungarian occupation 1944 liberation of the Carpathian Ruthenia voluntarily joining the Czechoslovak army assigned to the Czechoslovak tank brigade ... arrows 

Karel Zmija

born on January 11th 1926 in Guty village in Teschen region attended both Czech and polish schools coming from Silesia on March 30th 1944 must have entered the German army served in French Atlantic coast, experienced the defense battles in Normandy on June 6th ... arrows 

Hynek Zmítko (1916 - 2004)

born on 10th January 1916 in Dolní Orešany near Trnava trained as a car mechanic November 1st 1937 joined the Slovak army, served at the radio operator at the 3rd battalion he also served in the army after the declaration of the Slovak state August 9th 1939, ... arrows 



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