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A 1948 – 1989 emigrant/refugee (338) A communist interrogator (6) A communist prosecutor (1) A comunist official (35) A secret police agent (18) A secret police collaborator (31) A secret police informer (6) A warder in a communist prison (11) Anti-communist protests in Czechoslovakia in Milevsko and Sedlčansko (11) Anti-communist rebel (209) Border Guards (39) Charter 77 signatory (143) Dissident (204) Examinee of the State Secret Police – enemy person (320) Forced Labour Camps (1948 - 1954) (71) Odbojová skupina bratří Mašínů (7) Officials of the Czechoslovak People´s Army in 1948-1989 (54) Political prisoner after 1968 in Czechoslovakia (85) Political prisoner in Romania (28) Political prisoner in the 1950‘s (ČSR) (453) Political prisoner in the 1960‘s (ČSSR) (74) Political prisoner in the GDR (1) Prisoner of a Soviet concentration camp, Gulag (105) PTP (Auxiliary Technical Battalions) (208) Reception camp for GDR- refuges in Gießen, FRG (0) The East German Refugee (2) The ransom of political prisoners in the GDR (0) The relative of a political prisoner (480) The underground (102) Victim of persecution due the forced agricultural collectivisation (195) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (213)

List of witnesses

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Vladimír Talášek (1938)

Born on 1st January, 1938 in Hranice na Moravě The son of a colonel, Vladimír Talášek, executed by the Nazis in 1942 His uncles, Oldřich and Jaroslav, were important officers Whole family was persecuted by the communists after 1948 and lost its property In ... arrows 

Giovanni Tanconi (1937) video clip available

born in 1937 in italian family in Rovinj go to school in Rovinj passionate athlete escape across the border and go to France work hard and open his own restaurant comming back to Rovinj in 1977 and live in today ... arrows 

Arpád Tarnóczy (1936) video clip available

he was born in 1936 in Nováky in an aristocratic family he studied at the Roman Catholic public school in Nováky, then continued studying in Prievidza and Šaštín as a nine-year-old boy he secretly delivered papers and some money essential for escape to their ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Pavel Tauber (1920 - 2008)

born 1920 in Western Bohemia forced labor after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, escaped to Poland Captured and imprisoned in the Soviet Union fought in the Middle East, participated in the fights at Tobruk passed flight training in Great Britain and Canada ... arrows 

František Teplý (1930)

Born in 1930 in Horní Roveň near Pardubice After WWII he worked as a teacher in Frýdlant In the 1950s he became involved in an illegal Christian-democratic party Was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 1954 Was amnestied from the Vojna camp in 1960 Worked in ... arrows 

Václav Teplý (1928) video clip available

born 18th December 1928 in Horní Roveň, Pardubice district, into a farmer's family; during the collectivization his father's estate was transferred to the local united agricultural co-op 1947-1950, Salesian boardinghouse in Prague-Kobylisy, the Salesians were ... arrows 

František Tesař (1932)

political prisoner born on 25 August 1932 in Moravské Budějovice his life was influenced by his faith in God and his relationship to the land that belonged to his family for generations he was partially involved in the so-called Babice action along with a ... arrows 

Jindřich Tesař (1924) video clip available

Born in 1924 in Cetkovice During the war, a part of his family was involved in resistance activities His father, František Tesař, helped Jiří Pelikán during the war (he later became the director of the television and broadcasting) Jindřich was linked to the ... arrows 

Ing. Miloslav Tesař (1929)

born 1929 in Česká Třebová lived with his parents in the house where an assembly place for Jews was established in 1943 before their deportations to the Terezín ghetto the family was helping their Jewish neighbours – shopping and sending letters 1943 helping ... arrows 

Marie Tesařová (1931)

born 1931 as the only child of parents with tuberculosis grew up in the custody of her uncle Josef Habiger and later her grandparents witness of the wild expulsion of Germans from the Česká Třebová area graduated from a faculty of education and taught ... arrows 



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