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A 1948 – 1989 emigrant/refugee (301) A communist interrogator (6) A communist prosecutor (1) A comunist official (32) A secret police agent (17) A secret police collaborator (30) A secret police informer (6) A warder in a communist prison (11) Anti-communist protests in Czechoslovakia in Milevsko and Sedlčansko (11) Anti-communist rebel (192) Border Guards (38) Charter 77 signatory (125) Dissident (162) Examinee of the State Secret Police – enemy person (280) Forced Labour Camps (1948 - 1954) (69) Odbojová skupina bratří Mašínů (6) Officials of the Czechoslovak People´s Army in 1948-1989 (51) Political prisoner after 1968 in Czechoslovakia (76) Political prisoner in Romania (28) Political prisoner in the 1950‘s (ČSR) (432) Political prisoner in the 1960‘s (ČSSR) (71) Political prisoner in the GDR (1) Prisoner of a Soviet concentration camp, Gulag (105) PTP (Auxiliary Technical Battalions) (182) Reception camp for GDR- refuges in Gießen, FRG (0) The East German Refugee (2) The ransom of political prisoners in the GDR (0) The relative of a political prisoner (438) The underground (85) Victim of persecution due the forced agricultural collectivisation (170) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (195)

List of witnesses

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Tereza Wiesnerová (1928)

She was born October 9, 1928 in Topoľčany She lived in Topoľčany until she was 15 and attended the Jewish school On the day of her 16th birthday, she was transported to Auschwitz concentration camp In 1946 after returning from a concentration camp she moved to ... arrows 

Miroslav Wildung (1919) video clip available

born in 1919 in Měrovice nad Hanou imprisoned in Mušlov nearby Mikulov from October 1949 to February 1950 for illegal border transgression spent 9 months in the TNP (forced-labor camp) in Pardubice and Frýdek-Místek sentenced to 16 years for treason in May ... arrows 

Ing. Felix Winkler (1926) video clip available

born 1926 in Miroslav in southern Moravia in a Jewish family in autumn 1938 after the occupation of Sudetenland had to leave Miroslav with his parents and sister for more than three years living as a refugee in Valašské Klobouky and in Brno with their relatives ... arrows 

Vladimír Winter (1925)

born in Praha-Vršovice on January 27th, 1925, the family lived in Libeň later on his father lost his job as a turner in 1930, the family moved to the USSR during the economic crisis he spent his childhood and youth in Pemza and Stalingrad, his school achievements ... arrows 

Josef Wolf (1939)

born 11 November 1939 in Brno his father, a successful tailor, lost his business in 1948 and was sent to work in the uranium mines 1953, started taking an active interest in cycling achieved considerable success in cycling, was leader of the national team ... arrows 

Jiří Wonka (1950)

born 8 April 1950 in Dolní Branná family of Czech Germans grandfather and father were anti-Fascists Committee for the Defence of Sister-in-Law Eva Wonková hunger strike at Prague Castle in defence of his brother Pavel Wonka 26 May 1987, announced his ... arrows 

Ladislav Záborský (1921) video clip available

he was born on January 22, 1921 in the small town of Tisovec he studied at the grammar school in Banská Bystrica where his drawing teacher Krákora took notice of him and recommended him for further studies he got university education at the Slovak Technical ... arrows 

Zdena Zábrodská, roz. Krejčová (1936)

born April 8, 1936 in Spálené Poříčí near Pilsen her father lost his trade in 1950 enrolled in the nursing school in Pilsen in 1950 in 1953 she was expelled from school for having joined a protest rally against the curency reform in 1954 married and started a ... arrows 

Ludmila Zadníčková (1919 - 2014)

born 8 January 1919 in Želiv into a self-employed family trained as a dressmaker married the butcher Jaroslav Zadníček after the war, operated a butchery with her husband from 1950, supplied meat to an internment camp for priests in Želiv monastery ... arrows 

František Zahrádka (1930) video clip available

born October 30th, 1930 in Děčín father František fought as a legionnaire on the Italian front, after the war suffered a leg injury during a fight with Hungarian Bolsheviks in the 1930s the family lived in the border region and experience the rampage of German ... arrows 



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