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Gypsies / Roma (47) Holocaust (417) Palestine/Israel (159) People helping Jews during WWII (90) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (122) Theresienstadt Ghetto (139) Winton’s Children (23)

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Hanuš Šnábl (1928 - 2007)

of Jewish origin, from a Prague burgher family as a child saved by Nicolas Winton attended grammar school in Great Britain after 1948 fired from editorial staff of the Motorworld magazine PTP (Hard labour technical squads) work in coal mines emigrated to ... arrows 

Miroslav Šolc (1918 - 2016) video clip available

born in 1918 in Řepiště near Místek joined the 8th infantry regiment in Místek in 1937 as a group commander he secured the border garrisons by Jemnice and in Kopytov near the Polish border took part in a gun battle with the German 84th infantry regiment in ... arrows 

Ing. František Štěpán (1917)

born March 31, 1917 in Uhříněves helping Czech emigrants during the war involved in the resistance movement in the Rychnov region appointed the state administrator of the company Brandt after the war interned in Jáchymov for six years ... arrows 

Karel Štěpánek (1907 - 2008)

Born in the village of Staré Teremno in Volynia on November 1st, 1907. Remembers the events of WWI. Became a leader of a choir in 1932 in Staré Teremno. After the arrival of the Soviet troops at Volynia in 1939 he had to go to work to the woods. Moved to the ... arrows 

Lilly Štěpánová (1917)

born in 1917 in Kozolupy Jewish non-religious family moving to Prague before the war did not complete her studies at grammar school for financial reasons married in 1939 1942 her parents and brothers deported to the Łódź ghetto 1943 deported to Terezín ... arrows 

Avraham Talmi (1920)

born 19 February 1920 as Ervín Farkaš in Krásovice, Michalovce District from an orthodox Jewish family spring 1939, six-month preparatory Makabi Hacair course before leaving for Palestine 29 November 1939, left Prague to Bratislava with a group of Zionists ... arrows 

Lída Tarmesar (1921)

Born on December 30, 1921, in the Polish village of Makow into a Jewish family Her father was Czech, her mother Polish, she had five siblings After accomplishing elementary school she worked as a nanny in Warsaw The whole family fled to the USSR during the ... arrows 

Arpád Tarnóczy (1936) video clip available

he was born in 1936 in Nováky in an aristocratic family he studied at the Roman Catholic public school in Nováky, then continued studying in Prievidza and Šaštín as a nine-year-old boy he secretly delivered papers and some money essential for escape to their ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Pavel Tauber (1920 - 2008)

born 1920 in Western Bohemia forced labor after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, escaped to Poland Captured and imprisoned in the Soviet Union fought in the Middle East, participated in the fights at Tobruk passed flight training in Great Britain and Canada ... arrows 

Otto Taussig (1926)

Jewish descent by both parents father arrested during Kristallnacht escape from Ústí nad Labem lived in Prague transported to Terezín transported to Auschwitz chosen for work in Meuselwitz escape from the evacuation transport travelled to Prague ... arrows 



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