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Churches and religious societies

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Catholic clerical (57) Friars (66) Member of an Illegal Church (39) Non-Catholic clerical (44) Representative of the Church (114) Vicar without State agreement (26) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (206)

List of witnesses

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Josef Husek (1923)

Born February 2, 1923, in the Old town in a religious family. Had a younger brother Antonín and an older sister Blažena who became a nun. Had another sister Lída who died soon after her birth. After graduation, he decided to join the Franciscan order. 1946 - ... arrows 

ThDr. Antonín Huvar (1922 - 2009)

born in 1922 in Albrechtičky 1947 ordained a priest 1947-1948 ecclesiastical service in Vizovice (distribution of newsletters, open critique of the regime) in September 1948 sentenced to 10 years in prison 1958 - 1967 worked as a fish warden 1967 regained ... arrows 

Monsignor Antonín Hýža (1924 - 2010)

born on 21st of October 1924 in Branky near Vsetín, North Moravia graduated at a grammar school in Valašské Meziříčí, studied at the ecclesiastical seminary in Olomouc during he War – forced labor in the ammunition works in Vsetín after the War – a member of ... arrows 

Oľga Iváková (1955)

born on March 18, 1955 in Liptovské Sliače comes from a devoted Christian family after the elementary school she decided for living a religious life in 1970 she entered the Congregation of School Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi in Znojmo graduated from a ... arrows 

Jenő Ivánfi (1929)

1929 was born 1947 studies at Szeged University 1949 expelled from the University for his political views 1949 autumn – continued his university studies at Budapest University 1952 got chemist degree 1952-1954 engineer at Borsod Chemical Trust 1954-1956 ... arrows 

Radivoj Arcibiskup Simeon Jakovljevič (1926) video clip available

born February 12, 1926 in Prague father was Serbian, mother Czech 1947–1953 studied at the orthodox spiritual academy in Leningrad 1958 ordained a priest twice threatened with the annulment of his state licence collaborated on the ecumenical translation and ... arrows 

Josef Janczik (1928)

Born in March 1928 at Javorníky, Slovakia in a farmer’s family as one of six children. During the War worked as a link for a guerrilla group. After the War went to study accountery and then worked on nationalizing the distilation industry. For his critisism of ... arrows 

Petr Jankovský (1927)

a priest of the ČCE (the Protestant Church of Czech Brethren) and a political prisoner born on August 17th, 1927 his father was investigated as an intractable Social Democrat after the February 1948 as a student of Theology he fought against accepting Church ... arrows 

Ján Janok (1929)

he was born on March 2, 1929 in the village of Dlhé Klčovo; as a young boy he joined the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists); after the so-called night of the barbarians he was interned in the concentration monastery in Králíky; he served the ... arrows 

RNDr., CSc. Pavel Javornický (1932)

born July 3, 1932 in Prague experienced the bombing of Vinohrady in February 1945 wished to study the Evangelical Faculty, but his application was rejected, graduated from biology instead in 1969 went for an internship to the USA with his family finished his ... arrows 



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