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Churches and religious societies

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Catholic clerical (56) Friars (64) Member of an Illegal Church (35) Non-Catholic clerical (41) Representative of the Church (111) Vicar without State agreement (25) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (197)

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Anna Greňová (1930) video clip available

Anna Greňová was born in 1930 in Liptovský sv. Peter she spent her childhood in the Eastern Slovakia and her parents raised her to be a good Catholic she had participated in different kinds of religion clubs; she was a member of the Catholic Youth Association in ... arrows 

Marie (sestra Vlasta) Grisová (1930)

born January 30, 1930 in the Slovak village Ochodnica near Kysucké Nové Mesto the family was very poor, eight children, earning their living by agricultural work after the death of her father sent to work as a servant girl, spent the entire World War Two there ... arrows 

Tomáš Halík (1948)

born on the 1st of June, 1948 in Prague 1966 - leaving exam from a high school in Prague, his first confession and communion 1966-71 - Faculty of Arts, sociology, philosophy, disciple of Prof. Jan Patočka 1968 - joining the Prague Spring movement, delegate at ... arrows 

Ludmila Hallerová (1928)

born September 1, 1928 in Vsetín graduated from grammar school in Vsetín in 1947 1947-1949 studying biblical school for missionaries in Beatenberg 1949 – European conference of the Youth For Christ movement in Switzerland 1949 – not allowed extension of her ... arrows 

Mgr. Jindřich Hanuš (1928)

a political prisoner, born on 27th September in 1928 in a small village Lipí in Náchod area influenced by a low class origin the priest of the Czechoslovakian Hussite Church in 1959 Hanuš was detained by the State Security for sedition 8 months in prison, ... arrows 

Monsignor Karel Herbst (1943) video clip available

born 6 November 1943 in Prague 1960, trained as an electric-locomotive technician, worked in the profession until 1968 1968, graduated from a grammar-school distance course in Prague 1968-173, studied at the Sts Cyril and Methodius Faculty of Divinity in ... arrows 

Ladislav Heryán (1960)

born 24 February 1960 in Nový Jičín 1981, decided to become a monk (Society of St Francis de Sales - Salesians) 1983, engineer degree at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology 1984-1987, worked as a factory technologist at the ... arrows 

Pavel Hlaváč (1939)

born 1939 in Kutná Hora his father was imprisoned for political reasons graduated from the Komenský Evangelical Theological Faculty served as a pastor in Prague, Nepomuk, and Proseč from early 1970s, persecuted by State Security participated in the ... arrows 

Sr. Silvia Augustína Hlaváčová (1924 - 2015)

Born 13. 6. 1924, Chynorany First vows 08.28 1945 Trnava Perpetual vows 1. 5. 1956, Tanvald (CZ) Died 6/12 2015 Levare ... arrows 

Radim Hložánka (1923 - 2017) video clip available

born January 4, 1923 in Petřvald studied grammar school in Příbor, graduated in 1943 in Ostrava worked as a locksmith and later as a teacher involved in the Scout movement in 1948 admitted to the seminary in Olomouc after the seminary was closed down in ... arrows 



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