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National Minorities

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Chechen refugees (6) Chechens (6) Czech Minority in Klodzko County (Poland) (2) Czech minority in the former USSR (75) Czech minority in the former Yugoslavia (25) German minority in Poland after 1945 (3) Greek minority in former Czechoslovakia (54) Gypsies / Roma (46) Krymští Češi (1) Moravian Croats (27) National minorities (612) Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956 (7) Poles living in Kresy (Poland´s Eastern Borderlands) (17) Sudeten Germans (188) The Czechs from Banat (1) The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union (16) Volhynian Czechs (211)

List of witnesses

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Věra Wiener, roz. Ledererová (1924) video clip available

Born in 1923 into a Jewish family in Volyně in the south of Bohemia 1934-1939 – studied at a grammar school in Strakonice 1939 – was accepted to the Aliyah School in Prague September 1939 – left on a train to Denmark 1943 – left on a ship to Sweden because of ... arrows 

Gudrun Wilcke -Pausewang (1928)

born on 3 May 1928 in Wichstadtl (Mladkov) her father died in war; after the massacre of the Germans in Wichstadtl her mother fled along with six children to the West Gudrun became a teacher; more years taught in the South American belongs to renowned ... arrows 

František Winter (1935) video clip available

Born on December 17, 1935 in Malá Morava Of German origin Family owned a large farm Father František Winter was an antifascist Family was not included in the expulsion of Germans In June 1946 they had to move from their small farm in Moravia Since 1959, ... arrows 

Vilém Wodák (1951)

Vilém Wodák was born on 27 August, 1951 in Jihlava His mother, Marie Viktorie Medová, first married as Schützová, later Wodáková, was displaced as a mix marriage citizen Her son Ewald died in Vienna Her second son Vilém was born Vilém Wodák graduated from ... arrows 

Jiří Wonka (1950)

born 8 April 1950 in Dolní Branná family of Czech Germans grandfather and father were anti-Fascists Committee for the Defence of Sister-in-Law Eva Wonková hunger strike at Prague Castle in defence of his brother Pavel Wonka 26 May 1987, announced his ... arrows 

Matthias Wraneschitz (1927)

born 1927 in Frélichov spoke Croatian at home, also used both German and Czech since his childhood 1944, drafted into the German army, served on the western front after the war, interned in a labour camp for Germans in Pilsen work duty in the mines around ... arrows 

Rafaela Wróblewska (1923)

born on 6 November 1923 in the Polish village of Janczyki (now Kolybaivka) near Kamieniec Podolski (Kamianets Podilskyi) in 1932, a kolkhoz was established in the village, and her family farm was compulsorily incorporated into it in 1936, her family was deported ... arrows 

Ilios Yannakakis (1931)

1931, born in Cairo, Egypt 1949, arrived in Prague children's homes: Velký Radošov, Zlaté Hory teacher of military reserves in Ostrava university in Olomouc 1968, Prague Spring, emigration since 1969, professor of history at the University of Lille ... arrows 

Jiří Zahradník (1938)

born 14 July 1938 in Novostavce in Volhynia 1947, the Zahradník family moved from Volhynia to Czechoslovakia, where they settled down in Libina near Šumperk 1953-1957, attended the Secondary Veterinary School in Kroměříž 1957-1959, mandatory military service as ... arrows 

Marie Zajíček (1927)

born in a German family in 1927 in Bolatice went to a German and also to a Czech school spent some months in an internment camp for Germans in Holice Czech citizenship 1953 married a German was co-founder of the German association of Bolatice in 1992 ... arrows 



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