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National Minorities

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Chechen refugees (6) Chechens (6) Czech Minority in Klodzko County (Poland) (2) Czech minority in the former USSR (71) Czech minority in the former Yugoslavia (22) German minority in Poland after 1945 (3) Greek minority in former Czechoslovakia (51) Gypsies / Roma (28) Krymští Češi (1) Moravian Croats (27) National minorities (559) Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956 (7) Poles living in Kresy (Poland´s Eastern Borderlands) (17) Sudeten Germans (171) The Czechs from Banat (1) The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union (16) Volhynian Czechs (208)

List of witnesses

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Irena Truplová (1943) video clip available

born 1943 in Josefin, Volhynia Volhynian Czech her father Ukrainian her father Adam Parfenyuk executed for aiding partisans Colonel Sidor Kovpak uncle Antonín Feigel in the RAF Polish Wing in England uncle Václav Ludvík in the 1st Czechoslovak Corps ... arrows 

Nikolaos Tsametis (1942)

born September 5, 1942 in Trikono, northern Greece his father, a partisan, died in combat in 1948 left Greece living in Rumania for 6 years, children’s camp Oradea his mother went to Czechoslovakia, he arrived there when he was twelve relatives in ... arrows 

Rozálie Tupá (1925)

born 3 March 1925 in the Krkonoše Mountains settlement of Albeřice from a German family the family always spoke German, she learnt Czech after the war her father and older brother worked at Count Černín's sawmill, her mother at the Texlen factory her older ... arrows 

Captain Ladislav Tušer (1924 - 2014)

a Czech born in Carpathian Ruthenia joined The First Czechoslovakian Military Brigade by the end of the war fought at the east front by the 4. brigade, 3. infantry batallion equipped with submachine guns after the war moved to the Czech town of Teplice, worked ... arrows 

Hana Tvrská (1928) video clip available

Born on April 24, 1928 in South-Bohemia Protivín in a Jewish family On April 18, 1942 left with a transporter Akb to the ghetto in Theresienstadt Placed in Jugendheim L 410 Worked in Theresienstadt walls In December 1943 transported to concentration camp ... arrows 

Ludmila Uhlířová (1922) video clip available

born on the 1st of April 1922 in Bludov, Volhynia, back then belonging to Poland during Soviet era the family was designated for transportation to Siberia witnessed mass murders of Jews Bandera group almost beat her brother to death in 1947 the family ... arrows 

Josef Uchytil (1934)

born in 1934 in Frélichov (today Jevišovka) family with a mixed ethnicity – they spoke German and Croatian at home fled to Austria in 1948 lives in Vienna today ... arrows 

Jana Urbanová (1937)

born 10 November 1937 in Teplice from a mixed Jewish-Czech family, her father was a doctor in Osek near Duchcov autumn 1938, the family fled Osek after the annexation of the Sudetes her father set up a doctor’s practice in Mníšek pod Brdy c. 1940-1941, her ... arrows 

Inge Urbassek (1933)

Inge Urbassek, born on 18th February, 1933, lived in Jeseník following mobilisation in 1938 fled to Vidnava before the end of war fled again to Ostružná the father interned forced to leave the country became a druggist often visits Jeseník with her sister ... arrows 

Egon Urmann (1945)

Born on January 18, 1945, in Lenora in the family of a German glassmaker 1947 eviction to Včelnička u Kamenice nad Lipou 1951 - return to Lenora It took years to buy back their own house, the new inhabitants completely devastated their house Trained as a ... arrows 



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