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National Minorities

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Chechen refugees (6) Chechens (6) Czech Minority in Klodzko County (Poland) (2) Czech minority in the former USSR (73) Czech minority in the former Yugoslavia (23) German minority in Poland after 1945 (3) Greek minority in former Czechoslovakia (52) Gypsies / Roma (32) Krymští Češi (1) Moravian Croats (27) National minorities (582) Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956 (7) Poles living in Kresy (Poland´s Eastern Borderlands) (17) Sudeten Germans (176) The Czechs from Banat (1) The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union (16) Volhynian Czechs (209)

List of witnesses

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Aloisie Šmolcnopová (1930)

Born on 21 December, 1930 in Kraslice Between 1931 - 1938 handed over for education at the aunt´s in Chodov 1939 – imprisonment of witness´ foster parents 1945 – displacement of most the family 1946 – mother´s death 1948 – started working in a company Amati ... arrows 

Ervín Šolc (1927) video clip available

born on 24 July, 1927 in Liberec comes from a mixed German-Czech marriage joined the Hitlerjugend on 3rd January, 1945 joined the Wehrmacht since 23rd February, 1945 served in Italy at 114th hunter´s division as a machine-gun shooter active against the ... arrows 

Vladimír Šotola (1928 - 2013)

Born in Ozerany in the Polish part of Volhynia on September 5th, 1928. The farm was seized from the family after the arrival of the Soviets. An eye witness of the killings of three Polish families by the Ukrainian Nationalists. Received his draft notice for the ... arrows 

Vladimír Šrajter (1927)

born 22 June 1927 in Mirohošť, Volhynia (Poland) a Volhynian Czech experienced both the Soviet and the German occupation of Volhynia joined the Czechoslovak army at the age of sixteen took part in the Carpatho-Dukla Operation after the war, settled down in ... arrows 

Ing. Václav Šrámek (1927)

born July 25, 1927 in Zagreb his father was active in the Czechoslovak Union in Yugoslavia Václav Šrámek and his brother were members of the Czech Boy Scout organization in Zagreb in 1939–1941 they were helping refugees from the Protectorate in 1941 his ... arrows 

František Šťastný (1922)

Born 1922 in Volhynia Became a solder in the Czechoslovak foreign army Took part in combat at Machnowka Worked as an aid in the field kitchen after light injury Sentenced to one month of forced labour after the war ... arrows 

Master Sergeant (ret.) Boleslav Štěpánek (1920)

born on 15th November 1920 in Staré Teremno in Volhynia, father fought in the Russian Army in the WWI during the Soviet occupation, his uncle and his cousin were interned in a labor camp in Kazakhstan spring 1944 - joined the Czechoslovak army in Lutsk, army ... arrows 

Karel Štěpánek (1907)

Born in the village of Staré Teremno in Volynia on November 1st, 1907. Remembers the events of WWI. Became a leader of a choir in 1932 in Staré Teremno. After the arrival of the Soviet troops at Volynia in 1939 he had to go to work to the woods. Moved to the ... arrows 

Private Alexandr Štípek (1920)

born February 29th 1920 in Zálesí in the Volyně region on March 1943 joined the Russian army in Rovno operated an anti-aircraft and anti-tank machine gun took part in the fighting in Machnowka and in the Carpathian-Dukla operation injured at Dukla, his hand ... arrows 

Drahuška Šulentićová (1935)

Born on 4th February, 1935 in Malé Zdence in today´s Croatia Comes from Czech family of Pařízeks, her ancestors came from Bohemia at the end of the 19th century Father died at the end of WW2, family suffered from many tragedies In 1946 almost all relatives ... arrows 



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