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National Minorities

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Chechen refugees (6) Chechens (6) Czech Minority in Klodzko County (Poland) (2) Czech minority in the former USSR (69) Czech minority in the former Yugoslavia (22) German minority in Poland after 1945 (2) Greek minority in former Czechoslovakia (49) Gypsies / Roma (10) Krymští Češi (1) Moravian Croats (27) National minorities (511) Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956 (7) Poles living in Kresy (Poland´s Eastern Borderlands) (17) Sudeten Germans (146) The Czechs from Banat (0) The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union (16) Volhynian Czechs (205)

List of witnesses

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Ilios Yannakakis (1931)

1931, born in Cairo, Egypt 1949, arrived in Prague children's homes: Velký Radošov, Zlaté Hory teacher of military reserves in Ostrava university in Olomouc 1968, Prague Spring, emigration since 1969, professor of history at the University of Lille ... arrows 

Marie Zajíček (1927)

born in a German family in 1927 in Bolatice went to a German and also to a Czech school spent some months in an internment camp for Germans in Holice Czech citizenship 1953 married a German was co-founder of the German association of Bolatice in 1992 ... arrows 

Alexander Záslocký (1923)

born on March 19th 1923 in Zdolbunov in Vohynia attended Czech and polish schools and after the soviet occupation also Russian school during the years 1941-1944 working upon the forced labor in the train depot as a turner On March 24th 1944 escaped from the ... arrows 

Emilie Závodská (1925)

Volhynian Czech spent her childhood in Hulcze Czech in Volhyinia remembers the Soviet occupation in 1939 and the German invasion in 1941 was active in an illegal organisation Blaník served in the First Czechoslovakian Army as an ambulance worker after the ... arrows 

Liongina Zazaitė–Polikaitienė (1940) video clip available

1940 was born in Lithuania in farmers’ family 1949 her parents joined the kolkhoz 1951 family was exiled to Siberia non- formal reason for exile there was a certain number of families in the district which were to be exiled and in their district the Soviet ... arrows 

Alžběta Zdražilová (1928)

born August 18th 1928 in Humenné in a Jewish family 1930s the family moved to Carpathian Ruthenia in search of work 1939 Hungarian occupation of Carpathian Ruthenia interned in Hungary and then in the Stutthof concentration camp survived Auschwitz, she was ... arrows 

Miluška Zedníčková (1924) video clip available

born May 30, 1924 in Nižná Polianka her father Josef Břečka served in the Czechoslovak legions in Russia secret journeys to Ufa her father was a commander of the customs guard in the village Hutka the family had to move out of Slovakia in March 1939 Miluška ... arrows 

Josef Zelený (1921)

born on March 1st, 1921 in Poland after the outbreak of WWII took part in guerrilla resistance movement in Czechoslovak Army since spring 1944, Artillery officer fought in Carpathian-Dukla operation and at Jaslo fighting got injured a few times settled down ... arrows 

Helena Zemanová (1931)

Born on 29 December, 1931 in Zaritsk in Volyn Experienced the collectivisation, persecution and arresting the Polish intelligence Describes her personal experience with the Russians, Germans and the Ukrainians including the members of the Bandera group during war ... arrows 

Hildegarda Zemanová (1926) video clip available

Born in Nová Ves (Neudorf), Bartošovice v Orlických horách, in 1926 Czech father and German mother Father Josef was taken prisoner in Russia in World War I Freikorps’ assault on Finance Guard in Nová Ves in September 1938 Member of the Bund Deutscher Mädel ... arrows 



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