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National Minorities

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Chechen refugees (6) Chechens (6) Czech Minority in Klodzko County (Poland) (2) Czech minority in the former USSR (78) Czech minority in the former Yugoslavia (35) German minority in Poland after 1945 (4) Greek minority in former Czechoslovakia (56) Gypsies / Roma (47) Krymští Češi (1) Moravian Croats (28) National minorities (639) Poles in the USSR 1945 - 1956 (7) Poles living in Kresy (Poland´s Eastern Borderlands) (17) Sudeten Germans (191) The Czechs from Banat (2) The Deportation of peoples in the Soviet Union (16) Volhynian Czechs (217)

List of witnesses

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Rabbi Karol Sidon (1942)

born on 9 August 1942 in Prague into a mixed Jewish-Christian family in the fall of 1944 his father was arrested by the Gestapo and executed in Terezín in spring 1945 was hiding with his mother to avoid deportation graduated from high school in 1960 from 1960 ... arrows 

Mgr. Marian Siedlaczek (1955) video clip available

born August 18, 1955 in Třinec his father Tadeusz Siedlaczek was drafted to the wehrmacht (later in a POW camp in Brussels) study of clinical psychology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow took part in student protest activities in Krakow friend of ... arrows 

Zora Sigalová (1938)

Born on 14 October, 1938 in a village of Tešanjka in today´s Bosnia and Hercegovina as the third out of four siblings Her mother comes from Unhošť, daddy from Sarajevo and at the end of 1920s studied in Czechoslovakia After wedding parents left to Bosnia, where ... arrows 

Stefanos Simichanidis (1945) video clip available

born January 3, 1945 in Kato Kline in Greece parents came from Chirachaná in eastern Turkey evacuated to Czechoslovakia during the civil war in Greece spent time in orphanages in Veselíčko, Velké Heraltice and Klokočov u Vítkova 1955 returned to his parents ... arrows 

Olga Sippl (1920)

1920 - born in Altrohlau in Karlovy Vary Grew up in the youth organizations of the Sudeten-German Social Democracy After completing school, she worked for the insurance company Urania 1938 - moved to Prague 1938 - escaped with her family from Altrohlau to ... arrows 

Milan Sirotić (1925) video clip available

born in 1926. in a peasant's family,finished Italian elementary school in 1943. was taken to Cairo Montenote-Italian prison camp on the suspicion of being an antifasciist movement sympathiser after the fall of Italy,Germans take him to Mauthausen worked in an ... arrows 

Olga Sitařová (1926)

Born on January 5, 1926, in Volhynia Raised by her uncle and aunt after her parents died Voluntarily joined Svoboda’s army Participated in the battles at Krosno, Machnówka, Dukla, in Slovakia and Moravia After the war, she briefly stayed in the army in ... arrows 

Walter Sitte (1935)

born April 14, 1935 in Hrádek nad Nisou in a German family 1938 – his father refused the draft to the wehrmacht, sentenced to three years of forced labour in Germany 1941 – his father sent to the eastern front with a penal unit, wounded, then fought at the ... arrows 

Mgr. Lea Skácelová (1929)

Born on June 18, 1933, in Pardubice in a Czech Jewish family as Liduška Pilná Father and mother worked in retail Father obtained a baptism certificate before the war, daughter baptised in 1939 Expelled from school, illegal education December 1942 – most of ... arrows 

Josef Skokanitsch (1948)

Born in 1948 in Frélichov 1949 – the family moved to Radkov near Opava 1971 – returned to Jevišovka, where he built a house One of the few Croats who went back to their original village Still actively uses Croatian ... arrows 



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