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Political prisoners

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A warder in a communist prison (11) Forced Labour Camps (1948 - 1954) (66) Political prisoner after 1968 in Czechoslovakia (71) Political prisoner in Romania (28) Political prisoner in the 1950‘s (ČSR) (420) Political prisoner in the 1960‘s (ČSSR) (71) Political prisoner in the GDR (1) Political prisoner in WW2 (155) Prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp (237) Prisoner of a Soviet concentration camp, Gulag (104) Prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp (106) Prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp (19) PTP (Auxiliary Technical Battalions) (159) The Children of Svatobořice (13) The relative of a political prisoner (397) Underage political prisoners (47) Victims of church persecution in 1948-1989 (181)

List of witnesses

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Josef Vít (1942)

Born on 18 April, 1942 in a village Lhotky Father Josef Vít executed on 10 July, 1952 in a political process known as a „Náchod´s terror“ Studied a secondary school of agriculture and became an animal husbandry Sought to complete the rehabilitation of his father ... arrows 

Ladislav Vítek (1924 - 2015) video clip available

born 25 July 1924 in Bystřička his family lived in the settlement U Čulíků in Růžďka his family helped partisans forced labour at the Vítkovice Ironworks repeatedly fled from forced labour imprisoned in Vsetín for two months hid with the Braveneces in ... arrows 

Eva Vítová (1930) video clip available

Born on September 7, 1930 Graduated from a business school in Plzeň Active in the Scout (Sokol) Secretary to the director of the Research and Test Institute of the Škoda works in Plzeň (personal assistant) Participated in pro-US demonstrations in May 1948 ... arrows 

Dr. Ing., CSc Josef Vlach (1919) video clip available

Born on 20 September, 1919, in Pilsen 1937-1939 – studied mechanical and energy engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague Hlávkova College September 1938 – patrolled bridges during the mobilization as part of the national militia 15. 11. 1939 - ... arrows 

Ludmila Vlachová (1937) video clip available

born 30 April 1937 in Vidče her parents, Karel and Marie Koláček, were active in the resistance her father was executed in Wrocław in April 1944 her mother was imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp the witness lived in a children’s home in Rožnov pod ... arrows 

Josef Vlček (1920 - 2015) video clip available

born 1920 in Kaňovice near Frýdek studied the Salesian grammar school in Fryšták general secretary of the Saints Cyril and Methodius Association and the secretary of the Liberal Schools Bureau one of the leaders of the struggle for the preservation of church ... arrows 

Milan Vlček (1934) video clip available

born 27 January 1934 in Přerov his father had a boat renting service in Přerov his mother’s partner Ludvík Zalubil was shot in Mauthausen on 13 July 1942 his mother Emílie Vlčková was imprisoned for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets after his mother’s release, ... arrows 

Václav Vlček (1944) video clip available

born on May 9, 1944 his father, air force colonel Václav Vlček, was arrested in May 1949 and sentenced in a staged trial graduated from the secondary technical school of geology in Příbram in 1962 began working for geological Survey Jihlava from 1965 working ... arrows 

Miloslav Vlk (1925) video clip available

born on the 14th of December, 1925 in Štěkeň, Strakonice district trained as a construction worker 1945-1950 - served in the National police (SNB) February 1950 - arrested for distributing anti-communist leaflets May 1950 – sentenced to 16 years in prison, ... arrows 

Stanislav Vobejda

born November 5, 1930 in Proseč 1949 – took part in forming an anticommunist group in Proseč 1949 – attempted to leave the country, arrested in western Bohemia 1949 – sentence for illegal attempt at leaving the country to one year of imprisonment 1950 – ... arrows 



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