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List of witnesses of project 'Memory of the Nation: stories from Praha 2'

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Professor Ludwig Armbruster (1928)

born in 1928 in Prague 1947, entered the novitiate in Velehrad 1950 the abolition of the Jesuit order, internment in Bohosudov 1950 expelled to Austria 1952 license in Rome, establishing relationship with the Japanese Jesuits 1952 – 1954, a language ... arrows 

Brigadier General (ret.) Alexander Beer (1917 - 2015) video clip available

born February 7, 1917 in Vranov nad Topľou in Slovakia 1939, after failed emigration to the west went to the Soviet Union via Poland working near Moscow and in Karagand in Kazakhstan joined the army in Buzuluk, took part in fighting for Sokolovo, Kursk, Kyjev, ... arrows 

MUDr. Kateřina Bittmanová (1952) video clip available

born in 1952 in Prague her mother had Jewish origins, her father was a Czechoslovak counter-intelligence officer 1961 – moved with her parents to Eastern Berlin lived in Eastern Berlin till 1968 summer of 1968 – emigrated with her mother to Israel military ... arrows 

Bohumil Doležal (1940)

born 17th January 1940 in Prague graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Charles University Sixties, editor at the publishing house Československý spisovatel and at the magazine Tvář post-1969, assemblyman and programmer signatory of Charter 77 editor of ... arrows 

Vojtěch Gregor (1918)

born 1918 into a Jewish family grew up and completed grammar school in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia studied chemistry in Prague, returned to Slovakia in 1939 sympathised with the Freethought movement 1940, arrested for resistance activity, placed in ... arrows 

Ing. Jiří Havlík (1923 - 2015)

born 1923 in Štěchovice, into the family of a teacher October 1943, assigned to forced labour in Kiel, a port town in northern Germany underwent fireman training in Kiel emergency fire brigade - extinguished fires caused by air raids returned to Bohemia after ... arrows 

Major (ret.) Sigmund Hladík (1927) video clip available

born on 1. 3. 1927 in the German city of Mainz on the Rhine in a mixed Czech-Jewish family April 1939 – they fled to Latvia 23. 6. 1941 – the family was arrested and taken to Oranky prison and then to a Gulag in Akťubinsk in Kazakhstan 21. 2. 1942 – joined the ... arrows 

Věra Hušková roz. Wentzeliová (1923) video clip available

Born in Prague, grew up in Čerčany near Prague Business Academy in Prague Worked as secretary since 1943 at an estate in Benešovsko used as training grounds by the Germans Witnessed the liberation of Benešovsko by the Red Army 1945-1948 - secretary of the ... arrows 

Jaroslav Hutka (1947)

Born on April 21, 1947, in Olomouc 1962 moving to Prague to his cousin, unfinished study at the Secondary Art School 1966 First interrogation in Olomouc over his long hair 1966 First song "Hospodskej" composed with Ladislav Fajt 1975 Increased interest of the ... arrows 



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