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List of witnesses of project 'We're not alone: the stories of our minorities'

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Anita Alblová (1936)

In 1936 born in Zelená Hora (Kraslice) Between 1946 and 1948 ran away from displacement Lived with her uncle in Klingenthal 1950 to 1952 – apprenticeships in a field of needlework 1950 to 1959 singed with a band Rigoletto In 1960 her first daughter Andrea ... arrows 

Kiril Berovski (1952)

born in Sofia on 19th October 1952 between 1958 and 1973 he played football, later worked as a coach in 1970 he finished his high-school final exams and enrolled in a study programme at Sofia’s Faculty of Sports between 1970 and 1972 he did his mandatory ... arrows 

Miroslav Brocko

born 5 August 1946 his father JUDr. Karol Brocko and his relatives participated in the Slovak National Uprising his father helped Jews move their property out of the country during WW2 Karol Brocko was accused of high treason, but he died before the trial took ... arrows 

Ludmila Fialová (1933)

1933 – born in Vienna in 1938, the family moved to Burský Svätý Mikuláš Ludmila’s father executed during the war (1943) Ludmila and her mother moved to Hostinné in 1946 married for the first time in 1950 and moved near Nitra the marriage was unhappy, ... arrows 

Te Do Hoang (1950)

Born on 12 June, 1950 in a village of Hung Long in Vietnamese Socialistic Republic In 1968 he was chosen to study at the high school in the former CSSR He arrived to Ostrava on 20 August, 1968 In 1968 - 1969 done a course of the Czech language at the training ... arrows 

RNDr. Kristina Jojková (1941)

Born in 1941 in a village of Lukové, region Sanok, in south-eastern Poland Parents of Ukraine nationality In 1946 escaped to Slovakia against increasing pressure of the Polish regime Spent a year in Eastern Slovakia with relatives In 1947 escaped to Prague ... arrows 

János Kokes (1952)

Born on 19 October, 1952 in a village of Horna Kralova in a region Šaľa, in the South of Slovakia Parents of Hungarian nationality In 1972–1977 studied languages at the philosophical faculty in Bucharest After 1975 entered the communist party After 1977 ... arrows 

Mgr. Anastazie Kopřivová, roz. Vukolová (1936)

Born in 1936 in Prague Parents come from the South of Russia, from which they emigrated here In May 1945 the Russian counterintelligence organisation Směrš arrested her grandad, taken to the Soviet Union Studied Czech – Russian - Pedagogics In 1992 began

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Natálie Laštovičková (1930)

born on 17th May 1930 in Uzhhorod both parents came from Russia, in 1920s they acquired Czechoslovakian citizenship they moved to Uzhhorod in the autumn of 1938 the family was evacuated to Khust in the spring of 1939 they were transported in cattle wagons to ... arrows 

Hong Nhung Nechybová (1940)

Born in Hanoi on 4 April. 1940 Comes from an important family Vi In 1945 her grandparents ran from communism to France In 1951 left to France to join her grandparents In 1957 had to return to Vietnam During 1958 - 1962 cooperated in Vietnam with the ... arrows 



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