Příběhy 20. století
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List of witnesses of project 'Soutěž Příběhy 20. století'

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Petr Bachrach (1929)

He was born on February 5th 1929 in the Polish town of Bielsk He ran away to Slovakia in 1939 All of his family members died in concentration camps He escaped from the concentration transport and joined a group of partisans He participated in the Slovak ... arrows 

Věrka Drozdová (1935) video clip available

born April 28, 1935 in Hradec Králové her father Richard Heim, builder, worked for the company Société Iranienne Skoda (SIS) 1936 – her father went to work in Iran May 1938 – her brother Petr was born autumn 1939 – went to Iran with her mother and brother ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Alois Dubec (1923)

born in a cottier family in Valašský region on June 28th, 1923. joined the Government Protectorate Army in 1941 embattled in Italy in 1944, with some other members of the Government Army defected to guerrilla he left for Switzerland at the end of 1944, he ... arrows 

Hugo Fritsch (1933)

born on May 9, 1933 in a Czech-German family in April 1945 he boarded a refugee train together with his Czech grandmother, his mother, father and brothers Gerhard and Willy their journey ended in Blatná a week later from May until June 1945 they were interned ... arrows 

Pater Jaroslav Karl (1929) video clip available

born June 18, 1929 in 1948 graduated from grammar school in Klatovy, then studying at the seminary in České Budějovice till its closing in 1950; studying physiotherapy and rehabilitation course scout resistance group Černý lev, led by Josef Anderle 1951-1952 ... arrows 

Dita Krausová (1929)

born on 12 July 1929 in Prague into an assimilated Jewish family her father was a lawyer, her mother a housewife expelled from school on racial grounds in 1940 on 20 November 1942 she and her parents were forced to move to the Terezín ghetto lived in ... arrows 

Marianna Langerová (1920)

January 6th 1920 born in Prague, Královské Vinohrady May 10th 1939 father already in Greece, the family follows him by train September 1939 Marianna and brother Egon took the Ionia to France June 1940 escaped Paris to Agde to join her brother July 1940 both ... arrows 

Irma Nedomová, roz. Stelčovská (1924 - 2014)

Born on 31 December 1924 in Litoměřice, lived in Libčice nad Vltavou with her mother Studied a high school in Kralupy nad Vltavou Changed schools to a high school in Roudnice in 1941 because of their move to Mnetěš Arrested with her entire class during the ... arrows 

ThDr. Jiří Josef Otter (1919)

born July 31, 1919 in Pilsen his father was an evangelical pastor in 1938 graduated from grammar school and began his studies of classical philology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University after the closing down of Czech universities he passed a deacon ... arrows 

Jarmila Pláteníková (1924)

She was born in 1924 in a family of the mayor of the Úročnice village in Benesov region, this area was during the II. World War displaced because of SS - Übungsplatz She participated in the anti Nazi resistance organization 1943 – 1944 was sent to a forced labor ... arrows 



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