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List of witnesses of project 'Fates of Artists in Communist Czechoslovakia'

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Jiří Anderle (1936) video clip available

born on 14 September 1936 in Pavlíkov near Rakovník his dad died of tuberculosis when Jiří was six years old witnessed the war years poverty as well as allied bombings an elementary school teacher recognized his talent and recommended him at Prague’s arts ... arrows 

Karel Beneš (1932) video clip available

born 1 May 1932 in Vlčnov 1947, left grammar school to study at an art school in Jablonec nad Nisou 1950-1955, studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague during his studies he created lithographic depictions of everyday themes from Vlčnov ... arrows 

Daniela Benešová (1929) video clip available

born on 27 September 1929 in Klatovy in 1948 admitted to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague graduated in 1953 from 1953 till 1954 spent a honorary year in the atelier of prof. Strnadel, working on illustrations in 1959 married the desiger ... arrows 

Oldřich Hamera (1944)

born in 1944 in Úvaly near Prague his family was persecuted by the communists ever since childhood interested in natural sciences; became active in the landscapist movement simultaneously learned to draw and soon illustrated technical medical publications ... arrows 

Pavel Hlavatý (1943)

born 4 February 1943 in Albrechtice near Turnov at 7 years of age, before his mother’s death, sent to a children’s home in Turnov later taken in and raised by his mother’s sister Eleonora Reslová in Liberec graduated from the State Art School of Doctor Zdeněk ... arrows 

Milan Knížák (1940) video clip available

Born on the 19th of April 1940 in Pilsen. Childhood in Blovice; 1945, moved to Mariánské Lázně. Father was a teacher and amateur musician, his mother was an economist. Extended primary school in Plané u Mariánských Lázní; 1957 graduated from secondary school. ... arrows 

Stanislav Kolíbal (1925) video clip available

Born on the 11th of December 1925 in Orlová. His father worked as a locksmith and later as a driver. In 1936-1938 studied at a grammar school in Orlová. In the fall of 1938 he and his family moved to Ostrava. In 1938-1944 studied at a grammar school in ... arrows 

Jiří Kornatovský (1952)

Born on the 2nd of March 1952 in Pilsen. Grew up in the city of Plasy. at the beginning of the 70's concluded training to be an electric engineer. In 1977-1982 attended a high school of arts in Prague. In the 1970's and 80's employed as a technical employee ... arrows 

Michal Matzenauer (1947) video clip available

born on 20 November 1947 in Prague grew up in a brewery in Vsetín ever since childhood he drew and wrote, also founded a student magazine after graduating from high school he obtained a permit to skip compulsory military service worked in a chemical plant in ... arrows 

Věra Nováková (1928) video clip available

born on 17 January 1928 in Prague into the family of a lawyer has a twin sister and five other siblings graduated from a grammar school in 1947 in 1947-1949 studied Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, atelier of monumental painting in February 1949 expelled from ... arrows 



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