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List of witnesses of project 'Sudetenland destinies'

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Barbara Edith Breindl (1939)

born July 6th 1939 in Sokolov underwent the Brno death march highschool in Hannover sister in a convent returned to Czech republic in 1995 ... arrows 

Annemarie Goschala (1934)

born November 5th 1934 in Vernéřov German school during the war Czech school from 1947 on (automatically) Czechoslovak citizenship in 1953 marriage with a German Czech two compulsory relocations during Communism lives in Chomutov ... arrows 

Hedvika Hurníková (1926)

born in Hora Sv. Šebestiána in the Krušné hory (Erzgebirge) on April 13th, 1926 her parents were Germans of social-democratic thinking family persecuted by the Nazis after the Sudetes occupation in 1938 family moved to Chomutov after 1940 she got the total ... arrows 

Sotiris Joanidis (1939)

born on January 1, 1939, in Greece left Greece along with some other 4000 children in 1948, in the wake of the civil war resettled in Czechoslovakia education: graduated from the forestry school in Strážnice in 1963, belatedly passed his school-leaving exam at ... arrows 

Marta Kučerová (1930)

she was born on July 1st 1930 in Osek town in Northern Bohemia Sudetenland one of the Czech minority living in the mostly German borderland her family leaned to the political left after the separation of Sudetenland in 1938, she moved to Central Bohemia and ... arrows 

Valerij Kulacký (1955)

born in 1955 in the Soviet Union, in the village of Boratyn (Boratín) in the Volhynian region of the Ukraine his parents were Ukrainians; his mother came from the Slovak village of Lutina, his father from Poland in 1957 moved with his parents to the Ivano-Frankov ... arrows 

Marie Malcovská (1933)

born on November 23, 1933 in Romania in the village of Skejuša in 1949 she was taken to Cheb with her parents and siblings, later to southern Moravia in 1950 left for work to Chomutov with her husband, still living there the Marťák sisters represent a very ... arrows 

Eva Novotná (1937)

born 19th April 1937 in Pec pod Sněžkou from a mixed Czech-German family - her mother was from the German Giant Mountains family of Dix, her father a Czech postman in the decisive moment, her parents chose Czech citizenship - a decision which forced them to leave ... arrows 

Kateřina Romaňáková (1941)

born on 21 January 1941 in Skejuš, Romania her ancestors who were originally from the North Slovakian Kamienka moved to Romania at around 1850 in 1949, her family made use of the Czechoslovak government's offer to resettle back were given a farmhouse formerly ... arrows 

Marianna Tomašovská (1947)

born in the village Bučnice in North-East Bohemia in the region of Adršpach-Teplice Rocks on March 14th, 1947 her parents had German nationality and were not displaced, unlike some other relatives she was growing up as an orphan in Teplice nad Metují, she moved ... arrows 



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