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List of witnesses of project 'Memor'

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Růžena Doušová (1915 - 2015)

born 7 March 1915 in Radomyšl near Strakonice after her mother’s death, attended primary school in Strakonice and Horažďovice 1930-4, teaching institute in České Budějovice entered novitiate in Horažďovice Monastery - School Sisters of Notre Dame 1936, began ... arrows 

Olga Masníková (1931) video clip available

born June 28, 1931 became deaf as a consequence of otitis when she was a little girl 1937–1946 attended Prague Private Institute for the Deaf-Mute in Smíchov 1946–1949 vocational school for hearing students, trained as a seamstress 1937–1949 dancing in Mobi ... arrows 

Alena Mervartová (1938)

born February 25, 1938; maiden name Krejčová kindergarten, elementary school, vocational school – Institute for the Deaf in Prague-Smíchov (in 8th and 9th grade the Institute for the Deaf-Mute in Radlice, learnt the seamstress’ trade the only child, her parents ... arrows 

Hedvika Mikulášová, roz. Páleníčková (1925) video clip available

Born on October 17, 1925, in Úhonice (Rudná nearby Prague) in a working-class family, all family members were hearing Turned deaf at the age of two after having suffered from measles In the period 1931 to 1940, she went to elementary school in Prague Radlice (at ... arrows 

Klaudie Podlešáková (1931)

February 28, 1931 – born in Taganrog in the USSR as the third hearing child to hearing parents 1932 – brain fever; moving from Russia to Prague, inflammation of the middle ear => became deaf 1936 – admitted to the Private Prague Institute for the Deaf-Mute in ... arrows 

Svatopluk Žamboch (1937) video clip available

born 1937 near Vsetín turned deaf from meningitis when two and a half years old parents with hearing primary school in Valašské Meziříčí, later in Ivančice; vocational school in Brno - upholstery and mechanics work and activities: upholsterer in Dřevopodnik ... arrows 



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