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List of witnesses of project 'Iron Curtain Stories'

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Viorel Mihail Anghel (1953)

he was was born on August 6, 1953 in Caracal, Olt County he worked in Turnu Severin, in Drăgănești, and, starting with 1978, as a medical assistant in the laboratory of the city hospital in Caracal, where he was forced to participate in the cultural activities ... arrows 

Blažena Baborová (1935) video clip available

born 7 February 1935 near Nitra, Slovakia her father Jan Anděl fought on the West Front during WW2, was a hotel administrator in Františkovy Lázně after the war after February 1948 her father guided people over the border into Germany 11 April 1948, while ... arrows 

Aurel Baghiu (1929 - 2010)

born 2 July 1929, Gheja, Mureș County in 1952 he enrolled in the Mechanics Faculty of the Timișoara Polytechnic Institute. Aurel Baghiu was arrested on the evening of 30 October 1956 regarded as one of the leaders of the Timișoara student movement, Baghiu was ... arrows 

Elena Bobocel (n. Butoi) (1928)

born on August 6, 1928 in Florești, Mehedinți County. She married Costică Bobocel. They had two children together: Monica, born in Florești, and Nelu, born in deportation. In June 1951, Elena Bobocel, her husbad, her two year daughter and her parrents, Ion and ... arrows 

Sibylle Buhn (1965)

Born on 15.07.1965 in Neustadt (Cristian) in Romania Grew up in the dictatorship of Ceausescu since 1965 Since 1979 attended high school in Kronstadt (Brasov) Since 1983 studied for a teacher in Bucharest (Bucureşti) First encounter with Giancarlo Caruso at

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Siegfried Buchholz (1939)

Born on January 25, 1939 Evacuated from Berlin at the age of four Fled to Berlin at the age of six 1946 enrolled for a West Berlin school Reprisals by the East-German government because he kept attending a school in West Berlin Witnessed the uprising of

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Josef Cejpek (1944)

born in 1944 in Boňov near Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou 1945, parents among those resettling the border region, Leštnice near Slavonice 1951, forbidden border zone, family forced to depart the witness’s family started a new life in Slavonice, which was originally ... arrows 

Gheorghe Cotorbai (1945)

born on 29 April 1945, Tudor Vladimirescu commune, Brăila county his parents had fled from Bessarabia to Romania in 1940. Gheorghe Cotorbai’s family first settled in Brăila county and then moved to Becicherecu Mic, near Timișoara. on the night of 17-18 June 1951, ... arrows 

Michael Cramer (1949)

Born in 1949 in Ennepetal Teacher instruction in Mainz Avoided military service and completed teacher training in West Berlin 1989 elected to the German parliament for the Green Party Initiative of a Berlin-Wall Trail 2004 elected to the European Parliament

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Alois Čoček (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Střítež nad Ludinou Worked for the railways in Nuremberg Bombing of Nuremberg Attempt to flee abroad Sentenced to 10 years in 1949 Bory prison, Pankrác Jáchymov labor camps (Bratrství, Rovnost, Ležnice) Brother Josef was an agent of the ... arrows 



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