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List of witnesses of project 'Poles, Germans and Ukrainians and their memories on forced migration'

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Willi Gerlach (1932)

Born in 1932 in Baudach, district of Crossen In February 1945, the family fled from the advancing Red Army They returned to Baudach in May 1945 They were expatriated in the summer of 1945, at first they went to Berlin, then to Saxony-Anhalt Completed primary ... arrows 

Maria Chęcińska (1940)

born 15th November 1940 in Kozaki father Michał Mykietów, Ukrainian, married Zofia Czarniecka, who was Polish, on 8th September 1927 Maria's family was hiding Jews during the war she leaves Kozaki with her family because of the issued order the family settled ... arrows 

Helga Marsch

born on July 7, 1934 1941- 44 went to school in Fichtwerder 1945 flight and banishment from Hopfenbruch 1949 typist apprenticeship 1957 marriage 1986 divorced since 1995 in retirement ... arrows 

Ruth Nowak (geb. Pade) (1927)

Born on May 17, 1927, in Pyrhene 1933 – 1937 Elementary school in Fichtwerder 1937 – 1943 Secondary school in Landsberg 1943 – 1944 practice in a forestry (interrupted) Fled in January 1945 Returned to Fichtwerder in March/April 1945 Banished in May/June ... arrows 

Röschen Schmidt

born in 1931 in Pyhrene, today’s Pyrzany (Poland) as a consequence of the Polish occupation, the family was forced to leave the village in June 1945 today, she lives in Berlin-Blankenburg ... arrows 

Aniela Stojanowska (1926 - 2011)

born 26th February 1926 in Kozaki attended school in Kozaki In the East she worked as a switchboard operator, she was an office assistant after she moved to Pyrzany she took care of the household she lived in Pyrzany, died 1st September 2011 ... arrows 

Ольга Олексіївна Кривенька (1944)

born on 25th April 1944 in the village of Stare Brusno, Lubaczów County, Poland In 1945 her family was relocated to the Soviet Union; presently she lives in the village of Kozaki ... arrows 

Марія Іванівна Луценко (1932)

Born on 15th March, 1932, in the village of Korytniki, Przemyśl County Ukrainian; of Greek Catholic denomination After the war, her family was relocated to the village of Kozaki in Ukraine where it has been residing ever since ... arrows 

Надія Михайлівна Пишнограй (1961)

born on 4th September 1961 in the village of Trościaniec Mały, Zolochiv County her mother was deported to Siberia between 1945-1955 her fathers family was relocated from Korytniki, Poland, to Kozaki, nowadays Ukraine ... arrows 

Надія Григорівна Ратушна (Гасій) (1941)

Born on 11th April 1941 in the village of Kozaki Ukrainian; of Greek Catholic denomination her family was deported as "rich peasants" to Siberia, Province of Kemerovo they didn't return to Kozaki until 1959 ... arrows 



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